How can you focus on thing and not on the entire list, so you don’t feel overwhelmed?

Ma Line Z.
I would suggest taking mini breaks in between items on the list, rather than attempting to do each of them as quickly as possible. This will give you a chance to re-focus and remind yourself why you’re incorporating these new habits in your day-to-day life. So long as you’re completing the habits on the list, regardless of how long it may take you, it’s still progress and that’s what counts.
Marvin J.
Practice makes perfect my friend. Use the ABC method and only allow yourself to use three A’s. This way your list no matter how many items is whittled down to just three things. Even all you get done is the three things you can appreciate the fact that you spent that time on the most important of your list.
Cecilie C.
I separate the whole day into several segments and fill in with the tasks. Then I won't be anxious about the whole list focusing on each task while finish all things at the end of the day. And I also use tools like pomotodo to be more focus than be distracted.
Darrell F.
Ratite it on a price o paper and carry it until you lose it or complete your task. It may also help to say it a loud or tell someone what you are to do next. Another thing you can try is to set a 15 minute timer and get started; if you run out of time you can just add another 15 minutes and continue. You can really get a lot done that way.


Vera Z.
Sometimes I pretend that there isn't a list. That only one thing remains to be done.
If pretending doesn't work, I make a separate list for the top 3 things (or just 1, if you prefer) and use that as a visual confirmation.
Dale X.
Simply do just that. focus on the one thing, while dismissing the thoughts about it as part of a big list. easier said than done, of course, but it really helps!😁
Suzana P.
I think three things are Tito all for this:
1 – Having a daily meditation practice of at least 10 minutes per day. This helps strengthen my capacity to notice when I’m distracted and to be able to bring my attention back to the task I’ve chosen. The Waking Up app has been great for this.
2 – Reducing as many potential distractions as possible. The FocusMe app on my computer has been good for this.
3 – Using a timer to work for a limited amount of time on the task before taking a limited break. The Pomodoro method is helpful here.