What is usually on your to do list?

Marie F.
Most generally my to do list involves phone calls I need to make it an odd ball bill I need to pay. Life is full of unexpected things that need done so my to do list has the things that are not on my daily doing list.
Michele P.
I’ll add to my ‘to do list’ anything that I know has to be done….from going to pick up meds at the pharmacy, to
reminding me to make a call, or taking clothes to the cleaners, to buying stamps, etc….
Kimberly E.
Things that are usually on my to do are the least important things to do. The most important things in your life should be holding and caring for the people around you. My children are the most important things in my life and everything else is to do listed. 😀
Ronnie B.
Everything. I divide it into sections so I know what specific tasks have to be done , what they require , and try to adjust it as required. Sometimes not everything I want to do can be done, so I adjust it as a habit at least twice a day.
Clifford C.
I have many random things and a few Normal things. Keep it simple. My last item on my list tonight is take a relaxing bubblebath
Marl Cia Y.
In questi giorni ci sono molte cose che riguardano prevalentemente l'attività de la zappa e il mestolo. Fare una lista mi aiuta ad avere più o meno tutto sotto controllo. Piano piano vorrei fare anche delle sotto liste su come è meglio organizzare certi impegni.
Maur Cia Q.
My to do list’s top is “study” (for my ectremely difficult exam🙄)
“Drink water” (I usually forget🙈)
“Exercise” (I usually postpone it😬)
“Invoices to pay”
“Meetings/events…” etc
Alan J.
I usually write down things about appointments, things that I decide to do like remember to phone to friends, … sometimes things that I postpone because I don’t like to do…