What do you do with big tasks that can’t really be broken down? How do you motivate yourself to complete them?

Lylou O.
Pomodoro method seems to work well for me 25 min of work, 5 minute break. Repeat 4 times and then take 45 minute break.
Elisabet R.
I give myself a super reward and make that my only task for the day/week to focus on. I get an idea on how to first start the project and as soon as I start to feel a SMALL give in the “I don’t want to do it”, I jump into the task hard with some good music going in the background to keep me motivated.
Brittany C.
Complete all small tasks first so you can focus on it only. Or complete it first so you can focus on it. Either way the best way is to set out enough time to complete the task.