Do you write the small and mundane tasks like cook, go for a walk etc on your list?

Crystal Z.
No, I usually take those for granted in a normal rotine. In a to do list, I priorize the most important tasks in the day.

Miguelina C.
Sometimes. The mundane tasks I write is to clean my bedroom but I don’t mention taking my vitamins, drinking water, my morning or evening skincare routine which are my habits but still require some willpower to do.

Adasa Q.
Yes, because sometimes it's hot for me to remember to finish these small tasks and writing it down help me keep track of them.

Michael Z.
I have a separate part of my journal for what I cook giving it some sort of description of how easy it was to prepare, how much my family did or didn’t like it, etc. I otherwise don’t get too granular. It’s mostly big picture stuff about how I felt while taking a walk or after I exercised.

Caroline B.
Yes because after I finish those takes without them on my list I feel as if they didn’t exist in my day. Even the smallest things like drinking enough water I add as well just so I feel very accomplished after every day.

Rosemarie W.
No, not really I have a separate “to-do list” for that in an app called Notion. I just note down here things which are important to me towards my mental and physical goals! And working on specific habits 😉

Miss N.
Sincerely,I write the most important task in the order so that I could do it nicely..sometimes I will right too the small tasks..but most of the time I did not do that..because something like cooking,doing chores or else I've keep it in my mind and certainly I'll be do it..but it's depends on yourself..if you feel more comfortable to write all things to do in the list..I would recommend to do that😄😄Good luck and have a nice day

Oscar Z.
No. I've tried it based on my mentor's advice, but seemingly doesn't fit my style. I only add significant tasks that make difference for me to the list.

Sheila T.
Yes I do. This is so that 1) I don't get distracted by anything and can stick by my routine, 2) if I'm having a busy day this also helps me to know where and what I've got to do and when and 3) even the smallest of tasks can help you grow as a person. So yes I would personally add the little things like baking or walking or cooking etc

Adasa Q.
I like to cook nice food and take a long walk, then love to attach with nature as well, share feelings with close friends. Lesson motivation for boost our confidence

Ndrea B.
Yes, I do. Cause in case my friends ask me to go out or spend time together, I already know if I'm free or not and usually if I don't write down on my journal things that I should do, I don't do them.

Aubrey T.
Yes, I write down everything I plan on doing. I write down when I’m brushing my teeth all the way to when I’m leaving to go somewhere

Chlo3 A.
Yeah when I'm making a To- Do List I put everything that I need to get done there. I make sure I'm able to do those but most of the time I forget or just skip it cuz I don't feel like it.

Sara Q.
Yes I do. They are small but important. I even write the time that I’m gonna do it, and the time that i need to start preparing to do my task.

Ray U.
I have mixed feelings on this myself – I don't want to deny myself credit for small tasks, but on the other hand, I'm not in any danger of forgetting to do them, and I am in danger of doing them as a way to procrastinate on my real priorities! So I choose not to include them, but you might have a different relationship with your small tasks.

Alex O.
Yes! I even go back sometimes and put things in I’ve accomplished beforehand so I can mark things off. It’s kind of like making your bed first thing and it’s the mentality of starting off successfully!

Adasa Q.
I write basic and simple tasks like those because adding them to my lists makes me continuously do it. It becomes a part of my routine and my body gets used to it. I suggest writing whatever you would like to do daily. Hope this helps! 🙂

Guadalupe Z.
Yes! I actually do that. Because it makes me feel like I do more than what my mind makes me feel. So when I see all the things I’ve accomplished, I also want to makes more things!

Toula K.
Usually no,I just do them cause know I have to or I want to.I write down the important stuff,like appointments or stuff for work,money I owe or I have to have before etc

Laura E.
Yes i do.. coz in a hectic day or a world with lot of distractions. Its normal to forget things.. so it's quite better to write and make note of your tasks.

Rosie T.
I note down small tasks if they are already not a part of my routine or if I'm trying to add them to my daily activities.
For example, I don't exercise daily, so I'll add that to my todo with a reminder for it.
Whereas, having food on time is already part of my routine so I simply block my time for these activities and not plan anything else for that part.

Coob F.
Yes! I use BACE, what is it I am going to do today that is good for my Body, an Achievement, will Connect me with someone, and is something I Enjoy. My to do list could then be containing things like going for a walk (Body or Enjoy) or putting the trash out (Achievement haha)

Nakita Y.
Yes!! Absolutely!! Because even though you won't forget to do something like cook, it still feels good to be able to check it off when you've done it. It gives you that sense of accomplishment, and sometimes that's all you need to keep you going.

Melquisedeque Z.
Para yo, esos trabajos no son pequeños. Pero, no escribo <<cepíllame dientes>>, escribo cosas como <<cocina el almuerzo>>.

Christine P.
I have a daily checklist plus a to do list. My daily checklist consists of walks, exercise, meditating, etc. My to do list will only include that day. Ex: laundry, pay phone bill, grocery list. Anything that is done every day is on my daily checklist. This was I feel rewarded for my daily mundane tasks and yet still have a list of important things that also make me feel good once accomplished

Walter I.
Am I supposed to drink water the second I wake up or within the first like ten min of waking up or what?
Also, am I supposed to eat breakfast just after waking up or wait a while?
And regarding exercise, before the water and food or after?

Liliana E.
I don’t. The things that are habits already stablished in my life I don’t put them in my agenda, like cooking, bathing, making the bed, check my email. It helps me more when my agenda is more simple with less stuff, like 5 tasks top 🔝

Ross T.
I did at first until I really got into the habit of doing them and then I sort of phased them out so that the lists began to become more meaningful (and look more manageable)

Adasa Q.
It depends on the day. When I am feeling down, I will tend to put a little extra on my list so I feel better about doing something, rather than looking at a long list of unfinished things. Though, some little things are important. So I do put those on my list to help me remember. Hope that is helpful!

Candice Z.
Yes. I write the small things as they are just as important in the long run. Also it's a way to keep momentum when lost focus during the long tasks. A "break" but still moving forward

Mc Kenzie F.
no because it stresses me out having too many items on my list. if i’m pretty solid in one routine, i won’t write it down everyday. i usually only write down the tasks i have a hard time doing or am just starting to develop that habit.

Kruti C.
Yes. You shpuld. Definitely. It will help you a lot I'm everyday task. You will find it a lot easier if you include mini tasks in your to do lists. You will feel that you've done more and you won't forget to that small thing that is important to be done and also that won't disrupt your plan.

Taryn O.
It depends on the day. If I'm feeling really low, or disconnected from my routine I do add them in. It's a way to remind myself of how much I do accomplish in a day when I'll being hard on myself for not doing "enough". It can swing the other way too if I consistently get overzealous and write 15 things then only do 10 and then I disappoint myself. It's a lesson I'm still learning and obviously haven't perfected, but it's a tool I'm learning more about with practice.

Adrienne U.
I do! I do this because it helps keep me on track, and so I can see for myself that I actually did accomplish things at the end of the day. I actually keep both a checklist and blocks in my calendar. When I e made my checklist, I block time off in my calendar for when I will do those things. If I miss something, I'll know why, but it helps to slot the time so I can also see whether I am realistically able to complete everything. Love, peace, and luck to you friend!

Jenn N.
Yes, like make my bed and groom. They sound simple but can easily be overlooked and cause me stress later. I added some motivational tasks to keep on track with work as well.

Becky W.
Yes, in part. I’m not a morning person so it helps me to have my morning routine to be very detailed so I remember everything, even the mundane tasks. I also consider two other things when I am deciding whether or not to include an item on my list. 1) how likely am I to forget to do it? I don’t need to be reminded to eat but I might need to be reminded to eat vegetables or to clean up right away. 2) is it part of my habit stacking routine? By stacking habits (doing a few things together in the same order every day) it helps us get a few pesky tasks done all at once. If the mundane task is part of this an integral to the flow, then I include it.

Theodore T.
yes, even drinking a specific drink sometimes. its easier to acquire a habit of doing it by specifying what i want to do or have over making it a general thing

Efrosini P.
It depends . If I have to clean the whole house I just write clean , but If the tasks are more specific like do laundry or take out the trash I write it like that ..! Also is good to be more specific when it has to do with your work or studies . But apart from that you can arrange your list based on your preferences and what is easier for you . If by seeing a single word like clean you know all the tasks that you need to do then you are good to go . Otherwise is better to be more specific just so you know what exactly you have to do in the day

Emma P.
Yes, I write everything that I want to do, even go for a walk, empty the dishwasher, do some laundry. Each of these steps no matter how irrelevant they may seem, has to be done. Writing it down is the first step in achieving each one 🙂

Ladislaus F.
I don’t write tasks like cook or go for a walk because I don’t cook, my mom does and I really want to go for a walk but I don’t know when, I always want to get up early and go for a walk while my music list is playing, but I’m not sure what my parents are going to think. But I write tasks like drink water or brush your teeth etc. in my

Adasa Q.
Yes, yoga is also a type of exercise which not only strechs out the muscles and the hamstrings but also brings a calm silence to your thoughts (even if it's just for a little while) before you start your day.

Nan X.
İf you want them to become habits, you can. After they become habits you can remove them from your list. Otherwise I suggest you to keep a to do list and add "write your to do list" taşı as a general one. I ise the second method.

Stella F.
I love to read so that is kind of a hard question. I’d say it depends on what types of books you like.
If you are a fan of fantasy I would recommend it the hobbit.
If you like a book that gives you a learning experience and make you stop and think about the world I would recommend Sofie’s world.
If you like dystopian books Divergent is really good.
I hope that could help you some in your way and good luck 😀

Rafael U.
Yes, it helps me work them into my day and I usually put small things on my to do list because I love to cross off things and it’s more satisfying to accomplish something.

Alex N.
Just as with the glass of water it can be very helpful to even include smaller tasks in your to-do list. This way it's easier to see that one is indeed capable of getting things done — sometimes even this belief is lacking.
My problem personally is that I tend to overplan my days even with the smaller tasks, so one should take the small steps here as well, if those mundane tasks aren't yet routinised.

Cherry Y.
Yes I do! I don't write literally everything, but I ask myself if there's a chance that procrastination or distraction can steamroll that task. If yes, then I write it down. For example, I never fail to shower after I run, because I feel gross and have to shower. So I write the run on my schedule, but I don't write the shower.

Sanne F.
I don't put the habits I already automatically do in the app like brushing teeth or cooking because I already do them like I want to. So only the habits I have to 'learn' are included. I think it will make it clearer of what I have to accomplish.

Shauna U.
I do write mundane tasks on my routine list, including “Shower” and “Groom Yourself.” It helps me stay on track during this pandemic life.

Georgia A.
No, I usually do all of these small tasks by myself, expecially cooking. But I want to be more steady in doing my stretching exercises during my morning routine

Dawid A.
Normally I don’t. I rather put organizational matters like paying the bills, pick sth up from a post That often have specific deadlines. Also important things that I have to do for my studies or my work.
I think that putting many mundane tasks on the list like wake up, make a coffee, go shopping has two disadvantages. First, it clutters the list and can be overwhelming. Second, it may create a impression of a success because you tick off many (irrelevant) tasks and you have a feeling that youve done much but in truth, the most important is not done.

Kristen F.
No, I’m trying to keep it simple. If I put my whole to-do list in this app, I’m sure to miss something and break a streak.

Stacey F.
I do write those things on my list. Right now, exercising is a new habit. I put it on the list as an extra motivator. I put cooking on the list as a reminder to budget my time for food prep. Having these things on the list gives me an extra boost when I get to check them off!

Rasmus E.
Yes I write my walks and cooking on my to do list because they are important small achievements that help build skills and healthy habits

Marie X.
Yes, I mostly do. The more task I complete from my list, the more motivated I feel. It also gives you a clear idea of what to do rather than procrastinating.

Natalie J.
Yes I do. I'm cooking for five so it's not a simple job. It takes up a lot of my time. If a small mundane job takes longer then an hour. It's on the list

Robin Y.
only if its a mundane task i've been having trouble being consistent with – for example, if i've been neglecting to cook and relying on premade foods instead

Zoya E.
No, I did not write down the rather mundane tasks because I presume they’ll come naturally to me. It is also perhaps because I don’t think they’re a big deal/extraordinary feats. However, on some days the simplest, most obvious task can feel like a mountain.

Susie Q.
At times, it helps to stay on task. The smaller things are the easiest to forget at times. Things like cooking, or going for a walk seems easy to remember but when there are larger tasks that need accomplishing time can slip away. By writing the smaller thanks down with a time that I think they need to be done ensures that not only get completed but they are done on time.

Babette T.
yes i do everything from waking up to eating breakfast and brushing my teeth after i write everything i want /need to do in a day.. everything.

Laura E.
I do at times, but I could be a little more specific with myself. I normally only write down/type out the big things that I need done

Carla F.
It depends on the small task. I put some things like appointments on my calendar that I don’t necessarily have control over (if they cancel); other times I put items from my Fabulous routines on my list even tho I know I’ll check them off within the app.

Flenn C.
Yes I do, I tend to forget everything I want to do throughout the day so writing small tasks I’d like to complete is very helpful.

Sacha O.
The Mundane tasks I don’t write down because I automatically do them. It’s the tasks I forget to do that I need reminding of and add to my “To Do” list.

Jenna P.
if you aren’t vegan i suggest eating other proteins like salmon with a piece of toast for breakfast. if you are you could eat some oatmeal with fruits you like

Sarah C.
Writing even the smalest tasks in my to-do and crossing them off is extremely satisfying. It helps me realize that I'm productive and motivate me for more or bigger tasks!

Vesna X.
No, my gratitude list for me is what im grateful for either on that day week or life. Thank gratefully like im talking to someone

Guadalupe Z.
Well if Im being honest. At the beginning I used to tik the task like I brushed because I used my retainer. But now I listen to that little voice in my head and I try to floss my teeth every night. Because even though It may be exhausting to complete this tasks sometimes, after you do them you feel a lot much better hahaha. And by the way Im not American justo so you know. Flossing it’s a new part of my routine!

Andy J.
When I am making my to do lists for the weekend I will include these things so I can feel accomplished once I have completed them, and so I can keep track of my plans for the day.

Adasa Q.
Not at first but I ended up miscalculating my time periods, so I felt like I was always rushing so now I do. Because every tasks counts it helps you to see all that you have achieved through out your day. People always miss out on the mundane rituals that our day takes up, so by marking it down you see where your time goes and how you spent your day. Easier to make a time management chart afterwards.

Anne Y.
I do. I find it very useful because it helps me to set priorities right now. I list exercise, self care etc. so I remember that I am also important.

Valerie P.
I use the fabulous routines for the mundane so that they can become 2nd nature.When I write down my tasks, I put down more impactful goals like “completing a paper” or “send a messsage” or “respond to voicemails”

Patsy Y.
i try to make my list brief as possible, cause it is a little difficult for me to check it off but I'll surely write them next time

Ra N.
Yes – although they seem small, it’s still an accomplishment! Even making your bed, small tasks can create healthy habits in my opinion so for example cooking is better than getting takeaway and a walk is better than sitting on the couch all day.

Anna Marie Z.
take the dog for a walk, cook, read, listen to music, study, help my relatives, make my bed, clean my space, draw, meet my friends, watch films, do homeworks

Klothilde W.
Yes, I do. I feel more confident and capable of completing larger tasks if I can see a trend or record of me completing the smaller stuff, so I do count the mundane tasks.

Rita A.
In fact, these tasks are like mandatory for me that I cannot skip and are a priority. What I am currently writing down are my work tasks to avoid missing any deadline and delivering outstanding results.

Laura E.
Yes everything is important to keep track although they may not count as a big thing they help you to be more active and productive

Adasa Q.
I like to be exact in my lists even if it is little things mostly because I can keep am accurate log and it makes me feel like I got a lot done

Kory N.
I haven’t been. Those things have become more routine for me already that I don’t feel I need to fill up my list with those things. I feel if I put them my lists they would distract me from other tasks.

Cecilia N.
I put recurring tasks, projects and some general items like “AM Workout,” appts, etc. So a typical day might have “-AM workout, -PM Workout, -Finish article 2 -Weekly yoga” or something along those lines

Shelby W.
No, I typically only write down tasks related to work and school. But perhaps writing down smaller tasks like housework would give me credit where credit is due.

Monica O.
Yes. I have even "Read" even if I've been doing it before sleep since I was like 9. Feels good to tick things off. Tht qay even the worst of the days you can have some sort of sense of accomplishment to keep going!

Taylor U.
Yes! I find that even scheduling the small things allows me to better use my time and have more autonomy over my schedule.

Carolina F.
I only write the difficult stuff. For me, be grateful is difficult, so I add it. Daily cook is a pleasure I always do, so I don’t include it.

Arcanjo F.
Yes of course! These small tasks take up so much of my time and they play a role in my life so I am proud of myself when I get them done and feel good when I check the box next to them on my list!

Miray T.
Yes, every little details like “write down your business to do list”. So i have a big picture of to do which includes Business and casual to do’s and shopping lists. I write down even daily / routine things like yoga, mindfullness etc. When it’s done, i put a big tick on it. Or highlight it like “done”. It such a accomplishment and success feeling. At holiday season, i also have another to do’s like based on vacation or home…

Sherise N.
I do that only if the task is important and affects others , for example , I’ll note down that I need to cook because I’m making lunch for the family . However, if those tasks are for my own personal welfare or like personal interest , then I will set it as a reminder for self care instead

Kanika Z.
I love cooking so that’s not mundane but when it comes to walk and exercise I try to skip these things they are like very hard for me to be consistent with exercise and walk

Gregory E.
I like to put the small things on the list so I remember how important they really are. If I don't visually see it as a task, I won't prioritize it for the day. I love making lists and checking off big goals. It matters that I have a full life with flexible options

Tyra Y.
If I want to make sure I do it I write it down. When I haven’t gone outside or on a walk for a while I want to track it and make sure I do it. Writing it down helps me to. If it’s something I do regularly, but not every day I also write it down since I forget otherwise.

Herearii N.
No I don’t, I do a simple to do list with the things I really want to get done by the end of the day, for the other “small things” I prefer to just keep them in my mind. Otherwise I might feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks on my to-do list and just not get anything done.

Barb S.
No, beacause I can’t guess what will happen or what new plans can occur. So it will true when you “write” that tasks in your mind😊

Heather Z.
Yes I do. It helps me remember each individual thing I need to do daily otherwise things get extremely overwhelming with my disorder of ASD.

Leyla S.
I don’t tend to write cooking on my list to because I know I’m going to do it anyway because I know I need to eat. I do write other mundane tasks like do the dishes and do laundry on my list to make sure I don’t forget to do them. I don’t tend to write to go for a walk because I don’t see it as a chore or task. What I find difficult is how to prioritise the mundane tasks compared to others like revise French for example, both are important but for different reasons.

Adasa Q.
Not really. I talk about what’s on my mind and how I feel about it. Sometimes I write context or I confront my past. A lot of the time though, I find a lot of release in poetry, because you can know what it’s about without others knowing its context. It works sort of like a public diary.

Laura E.
I think you should put on the list the ones you could forget about like going for a walk, i think cooking is something you do automatically when you are hungry and it's time to have lunch/dinner, if you think that putting it on the list would make you more motivated in cooking something more complicated and tasty i suggest to do that, sending love-N x

Sky A.
If you want an accurate log of time spent, you would write everything down. If you’re just logging the things the you think are relevant to reaching a goal then you can leave out the minutia.

Ashley U.
Yes I do I find it easier when I have a set of routine to follow during the day. It helps keep me focused and minimalizes stress and unforeseen events happening during the day that disturb my inner peace. So I follow it from the time I get up till the time I go to sleep. Of course different days have different activities I have different routines for the different days of the week. But I don't beat myself up if I don't get it all in. As long as I'm scheduled most of the time it keeps me happy. Plus life would get pretty boring if we did the exact same thing everyday for the rest of our lives, and nobody wants that!

Koyena A.
Yes I break down my to do list in parts like home, personal, work and add my to do list in it in order according to their column

Aina F.
Nope… I didn’t do that! But after rethinking i should do that.. why? Because i think that way can actually help us to go through everything in our daily life. You know.. I’m a very forgetful person. So i always had a hard times to remember what am i gonna do next and stuff. So i think writing even the smallest thing or task can actually help us or me to sort our life. Hehe is that helpful 🤗

Francis T.
No, I use the list to designate the 1-3 things that are top priority for the day, eg. 1. Finish research proposal
2. Contact Jerry from Desjardins
3. Prepare for presentation
Takes 5 seconds to write but makes sure you are focused on the few things that really need to be done. What these things are would change depending on what your ultimate goal is.

Adrienne F.
Not typically. I usually only write down the big important tasks. But I’m considering writing down when to eat to make sure I take the time to do that!

Maciej J.
Yes, It exaggerates them and makes me feel more worthy and proud of doing them. Although they are usually Easy and fast to complete, they make me feel more productive and in a healthy way at that.

Laura E.
Nope, I don’t. I only write down thinks that aren’t a habit of mine. Otherwise, it has no point to take the effort to write it down.

Phoenix O.
yes because even if it's a small or short task you'll feel motivated and good about checking it off and want to do more

Chad X.
Yes because whether it's a small task or a big one as long as I finish something and have the satisfaction of checking it, that's all I need

Adasa Q.
I include the tasks that I'm more likely to feel lazy about like walking. I leave out the tasks that are more mandatory like cooking.

Marius Y.
I write down every task and appointment or event I need to do or attend each day. I write them in the order I would like to do them starting with "wake up" then breakfast, shower, work, gym, meals/snack times, and finish with bedtime. All tasks get written down. I'm very busy with grad school and working and just life so everything must be written down and planned out each day. Any tasks I don't get to get rescheduled for the next day and so on

Jacob B.
Yes. This makes it easier to remember to do all these tasks to completion… Too many damp, mildewed loads of laundry otherwise.

Marina N.
Depends how easy is that to remember it. If I have a whole list of tasks to do – I write it down, because I m afraid to forget something (including cooking, walkin, etc.)

Luca N.
Absolutely! It's also helpful to acknowledge what you’ve done all over the day. No matter how small:) And to be honest, I forget to do the most natural things throughout my everyday life so yea, I write them down.
I hope you’ll have an awesome day/night!

Chelsea A.
Yes, if I feel like I need to write things down so they are more likely to happen, if I have a meal that takes longer to cook or I feel like planning in more detail. Depends on the day and my mindset

Roby N.
I do actually, I daily remind myself my tasks so that I am able to function: smile, be kind to others and my new one is love yourself

Liva Z.
Sometimes, if I feel like that’s all the energy I have for that day, those activities do count! If I find I have ample energy to do the mundane tasks on top of major ones, then I won’t include the former on my list, and only jot dot crucial activities.

Jennifer P.
Generally no – I normally make time for the small and mundane- however if I have heaps of things to do and fit intoy day then yes – I will plan out everything

Lieschen U.
If it’s one of my bad habits I’d like to change. It’s good to have a reminder sometimes. But I write a daily to-do list that only has 3-5 tasks —return items to Amazon or go through training items with the puppy— I need to accomplish and I commit to getting those done.

Louanne U.
I try to go for exersice every day, even half an hour walk, and if I write it down, I am more eager to do it. Have a nice day 🙂

Pluck N.
Jes and no. The ones that are the most important are on my list (that aren’t part of my habits). For example reading one chapter of my book. Or writing some poetic words for 5 minutes a day. Small tasks but for me they represent a bigger goal. Also some small house hold tasks sometimes make my list. So I won’t forget it during the day.

Kitana S.
No, if I do that – I find myself not doing them. Then getting annoyed because in the past I told myself I should do them 1 and I’m not. Builds an annoyance to the whole self development journey in general. Frustrates me. Etc. I just put the big things

Adasa Q.
If it's a habit I want to build (go for a walk) then I include it on my to do list. Otherwise, my list is more specific tasks for the day

Josh X.
It depends how good I am at sticking to them. For instance, I'm not as diligent as I'd like about keeping up with friends. So each day of the workweek I have at least one friend I need to actively reach out to and write down that friend's name on my list to remind me.

Kerry E.
Yep, it’s a good confidence boost when you see all of those things crossed off. No task is too small or too big not to be included.

Adail N.
yes, it is better to accomplish something small first to get you right in the habit. this increases the chance to achieve more habits and challenging yourself to do more.

Lindalva F.
Yes I love writing and the feeling of being accomplished is just immaculate. Writing tasks helps me be productive and feeling fresh

Freddie O.
I do. I actually write down most of the housework I want to do during the day because I have a 3 year old and tend to get distracted very easily; therefore I go back to my list when I have the time and go back on track. It’s also nice to get to the end of the day and see that I accomplished “something “ otherwise I had nothing written down in my list.

Dennis C.
Rarely, in my routines and day lists I fit stuff in between all of the other stuff. And the things I write done are important things that I have to do, so yes but no at the same time.