Do you “Write My To Do” for a day at a time, the coming week, or a longer period? What works best for you?

Susan U.
I mainly write my to do list daily. I do keep a weekly calendar for work purposes that allows me to keep track of what I am doing for work on a weekly basis. I find it better for me when I do a daily list for my personal life.
Aimara G.
I write my to do 2-3 days in advance. Some of my to dos I do daily(like read my Bible and devotionals). At the end of my day I check my list and check things that I completed, things I didn't complete I add to my next day to do.
Bruce Z.
I write my To Do for a day at a time. But a big reason I use Fabulous has to do with perceived memory trouble, so I don’t beat myself up too much if I end up writing down the same task more than one day in a row.
Suzanna E.
I use the Daily grearness Journal.
So I write down, year, 90 days, week, and day ‘to do’s’.
This helps me keeping focused and goal driven. The morningroutine helps me to sit down for 15 minutes and plan the days….
Rebecca U.
I write a list of things I want to do for the week and then I break it up into 2-3 tasks every day. I write my daily tasks either in the morning or the night before.
Kristin S.
I have a journal where I keep my to do list so I start I split my journal page and have at the top I have my to do list for today and then underneath I do a paragraph of what I did the previous day and when I planned to do today and then under that paragraph in the next page. I am right things that I need to do within the week things like tests and stuff like that
Marshall U.
I write down everything I can think of that I need to do, and then from there will rank by importance and time sensitivity.
Julia J.
I try and set down every morning or whenever I can and make a list of things to do each day. It's not so much that I need to achieve everything on my list but it's more important that I spend the five minutes just sitting and thinking about what I would like to achieve. It helps to clear the mind and get me ready for the day.
Siegrun U.
I prefer to “write my to do” for a longer period without getting lost in details, for ONCE. About big things, important tasks, irrevocable events etc… Then “ write my to do” for the coming month, and day-to-day: reorganize and check the list… I think we should write the most important issues at The beginning of the day, for every single day:) Get a notebook that makes you amused and happy, organize your life👍🏼
Sandra E.
Beide, gezien sommige to do per week gaan, deze zet ik dan in agenda en deze dag vult zich dan met to dag zelf bedenk ik verder voor de dag, en nu net paar keer de do dingen de avond ervoor genoteerd
Romane O.
Usually I only write a day or two ahead, but preferably, I like to do it day-of, for that day. Sometimes if I accidentally have an item that needs to rollover, a non-priority item, I can then place it on the top of the priority list for the next day. I don’t like to get more than a few days ahead however, because if I do then I will find my list of rollover items grow, and grow, and grow. It’s easier to list my to do‘s in the moment, and not get bogged down with unnecessary itemsThat will ultimately keep getting pushed to the next day and weigh the whole entire list down.
Cildo S.
I do it every day, but at the end of the week I'll also try to look at the bigger picture and decide which larger projects need the most focus.