Should we write to-do lists in the morning or evening?

Esmeraldo N.
That’s a good question. Although I prefer making my to-do list in the morning, I find that I sometimes write it in the evening. Both times work well for me because of my schedule. I think as long as it’s done daily, you form the habit and it becomes a wonderful guide.
Hubert S.
Either, depending on what part of the project you’re in and what part of the week. Sunday afternoon to-do list for the major projects and reviewing the horizon helps set realistic goals and the smaller to-do of the break down of those goals.j Friday evening to-do for the weekend can help put a boundary on the past week.
Jean C.
I like to do them in the morning. It’s quiet. i can relax and think.To-do lists are helpful for me if I keep them between 3 and 5 items. I can get quick results and start an upward spiral of success.
Na L T.
Usually morning although planning the night before comes naturally at times. Usually night is too busy and distracted for me
Erin F.
I believe that is a personal choice. I tried both and found that writing them in the evening and reviewing them in the next morning works the best for me.
Gail O.
I think it depends on when your brain is most sharp. For me, that means about 6 am every morning. My mentor, who is very successful in his career, also gave me advice to write a to-do list for the week on Sunday afternoon.
Charlotte J.
I find that writing it in the morning with a clear head helps me jump at it and focus. When I write it in the evening, I tend to change my priorities anyway when I get up.
Marius E.
When I have to get up early the next day, I take time to write my to do list for the coming day, and add priorities as well so my priorities don't get schewed by haste or stress.
When I know I will have time I make a cup of tea in the morning and write my to-do list then
Pia F.
I’m more productive when I wrote my todo lists in the evening. It makes sure I didn’t forget anything essential. Clears my mind for sleep. And I’m more likely to get in task the next morning if the days focus is clearly set before.
Argemira N.
I prefer to do it in the morning. Set’s my day ahead and makes focus on today and today only. If we do it on the evening we are thinking about tomorrow ( i had troubles with this in the past, because it made me feel that my work didn’t end for that day)

I also have a weekly and monthly plan. So each day success, adds to my weekly plan and each week adds to my Monthly and so on.

Keep your tasks small.