Any other ways to manage to do lists?

Yanis Z.
One long list, then break them up into chunks. One could be for most important to do now and today. The other for the near short term… like week or month. This way, it doesn't feel overwhelming. Just remember to look at both and add from the weekly list to the to do list sometimes.

Lidija O.
I use a planner and transfer everythibg to my Google calendar with reminders if important and my to did pop up each day on the front of my phone.

Fernando F.
I just carry around a small paper notebook (mine is from Field Notes brand) and I write and prioritize my to do list each morning and check them off from my notebook as I complete them. This seems to work well for me

Simon C.
I’m using the app Moleskine Actions and really like it. For me it’s easier to use an app compared to paper, because you can easily add something which pops up in your mind. The app Things I used for several years and deserves a recommendation too.