What motivates you to write a to-do list?

Marine Z.
Understanding that spending 10 minutes in the morning for to do list will save hours of my time during the day and let me focus on actually doing my tasks without keeping all them in mind
Kevin A.
Listing the projects and responsabilities – and then prioritize them – gives me focus. Also, breaking big projects down to smaller steps gives me trust that I will actually finish the projects.
Kelya T.
I keep a nice moleskin notebook and a nice pen next to my bed at night without much clutter so my todo notebook is one of the first things I wake up to besides a glass of water. Since the page is small, I know that there isn’t a ton of space to fill and I usually don’t fill it all regardless. I know most things that are done throughout the day are not crucial to my life or my day to day existence and therefore I give myself about 15 items of less. This allows for anything that may pop up unexpectedly throughout the day.

Sometimes I actually write my list before bed when I am very awake or I have a lot on my mind, and I wake up knowing that my list is complete. It feels great in the morning and allows me to start very productively.

Either way, I never started out motivated to write my todo list early in the morning, but I forced myself to do it like I used to force myself to eat new foods I didn’t like. I knew eventually, my tastebud would adapt to the flavors and I would learn to enjoy the good I was eating. Now I enjoy all foods and try everything, chef’s choice. Same with the todo list, it’s now become a habit.

Villads A.
A to-do list helps focus myself on the important things I need to finish. Also whenever I afall off track I just look back on my to-do list and it helps me refocus myself on what I need to complete before the day ends.
Stanislaw E.
Mainly to not have it all on my head, all the time. When I have to do something I just needto see what’s the next on my list, instead of having the list in my head and having to go through it every time.
Michelle O.
“Fabulous” does. But I also feel it makes me think about all the stuff I might be forgetting. Then, striking things off feels so good.
Lima Z.
I love having a clear roadmap for my day! It doesn’t always pan out the way I expect it to, but a list helps me do a few things (all of which make me want to do it every day):
– I can cut down the noise and focus on what’s really important. For me, I get easily distracted by thinking about ALL the things I have to do.
– Writing a well considered list for the day really helps calm me and keep me focused on MY priorities, so I get more done!
– Days when I don’t write a list feel scattered and chaotic, and I can rarely say what I achieved that day

Also, motivation is fleeting, I personally can’t really rely on it. Having clear reasons (as above) to do things, along with a solid routine to make it automatic is a lot more effective for me than having to constantly try and motivate myself.

And finally, I only write lists at work. When I’m at home, unless I’m on an important deadline, I take the pressure off and let myself flow…. it’s so much nicer 🙂

Brunhilde X.
I enjoy structure in my day. It gives me definate tasks Daily, Weekly Monthly so that I head in the direction of my GOAL! ❤️
Coline C.
I often feel like I can't get started with my day if I am not clear on what I need to get done. Making a list and identifying what is most important makes me feel calm and in control.
Landon P.
To clarify my intention to accomplish tasks or pieces of a project. And that helps to create a work-flow priority and chunk it down so that I can envision the actual accomplishment and fit that into my energy reserves and order it into the basic foundations of eating, activity and other life foundations, if not daily, weekly.
Joshua Z.
I feel overwhelmed and ineffective when I don’t know what I’m doing. Putting together my to do list is something that I actually look forward to – not really the task but the feeling I get when my to do list is done. It’s like I know my place and my path forward, and executing suddenly seems very easy.
Aaron P.
My motivation is the ability to cross things off of it! It is so gratifying to look at all the things you crossed off by the end of the day! Plus, if you do things that aren’t on the list, you can always add them and cross them off too! It feels great and you get to see everything you did. Most times, you end up doing a lot more than you think and the to do list helps you see that.
Gene E.
I procrastinate a lotwhich burdensmy mind over time, which makes me want to just sit downand write all mytasks in an orderly manner.
Xaver A.
Focus!!! It helps me to focus on a specific task at a specific time. If it is on my phone I can set reminders and time limits as well. Much like Fabulous. I try not to snooze them but stay on task. Also to remember what needs to be done. Then they have a priority rating. A,B,C etc. ASAP or Long Term, and Ongoing projects, like art or music practice. Yes I schedule music practice and a time limit. Yup! Focus!