How do you choose between everyday tasks that need to be done (maintenance) and other important tasks? I’m having a hard time checking off the things I know I can do the next day.

Holm F.
It depends on what you want to focus on. If you are more looking for building an every day routine, you should focus more on the little tasks instead of the big ones. Also, it is important to remember that you should always fulfill more. For example, when you have a huge thing you need to finish, you still eat all your meals, get dressed, and brush your teeth. So even if you want to do bigger tasks, the small ones still matter. If this answer doesn’t satisfy you, I’ll tell you this: reduce your smaller tasks to fit bigger ones into your schedule, but don’t postpone the ones you’ve chosen for your routine. It will make you feel better afterwards, knowing you’d done both the bigger and smaller tasks.
Frederike E.
I struggled with this during grad school. I got very good at postponing everything that wasn’t urgent, but the result was I felt more overwhelmed by my backlog of personal tasks. I started a) outsourcing some tasks like cleaning, laundry, and meals using paid services (,, and Freshly); b) building daily maintenance or repeating tasks into my Fabulous routines
Kate T.
My friend, my To Do Write it list I focuss on my #1 PRIORITIES toward my health. I also categorize the compartments of my task& perform those that are required of the most important or meaningful to me. Remember one day at a time.
Barbara U.
Maintain 2 small pocket dairy of 30 pages atleast 50 pages will be good ,keep it beside you bed .Use one dairy for to do list, write down whatever task you want to be done after getting up from bed and keep it aside. Use second dairy at the time of geting in to bed for sleeping, write down things that has been accomplished; without seeing the first dairy. Don't worry it will work positivly
Oscar E.
Triage your days and if you need to put things off to the next day, I wonder it it really needed to be done begin with.
Margaretha X.
You need to start your day with the most important and difficult tasks and then move to the maintenance tasks.
It is important also that you don’t have a huge list everyday. Get 3-5 things done on a daily basis and you will be just fine.
Sheryl W.
Putting off your routine of wellness, defeats all purpose. If you really want to help yourself you must get it done. Not think of excuses of not to do it. You may not be ready for many Reasons. In life to be successful you must do.
Munir C.
How To Reward Yourself For Being Proactive.

(1) Don’t forget to plan time in your day for fun. Why? Because it gives you permission to HAVE FUN and something to look forward to later. If you complete the tasks you have for the day, then that’s an award in it itself! Congratulate yourself and celebrate this win by enjoying your scheduled 30 minutes or 1 hour of fun time, guilt free!

(2) Now, in situations in which you want to be proactive, retrain your brain this way. “If I plan to get these tasks done today, then I can plan for more fun time tomorrow!” (i.e. If I go ahead and do my monthly budget today, then that gives me 2 hours of fun time tomorrow, and I can binge out on my favorite TV show!”)

Sophia F.
I block off time in my schedule for each kind of task so that I have a focused time for maintenance tasks. Also really evaluate if you need to be doing that thing as often as you thing. Sometimes I procrastinate things bc I only think I should do them vs actually needing to do them. I try to be ruthless with to do lists so I don’t fill it with “it would be nice to do this” clutter and actually just have essential tasks on there.
Raymond U.
Do a important list and a not so important or choice different days to do different tasks like Sunday is my selfove and Monday is my college work day Tuesday is creating video and editing videos and pics ect
Aim E N.
I’ve struggled with this as well. I think it’s about not thinking about maintenance tasks as fundamentally lower than “important” tasks. Maintenance tasks are like down payments on avoiding a catastrophe later. Whatever you leave unattended will grow into something much worse over time. So it’s really a question of urgency, and maintenance will never be urgent until something breaks – so I made a few sacred hours to keep up with maintenance, time blocks that urgent tasks are not allowed into. An hour around lunch and 30m in the morning, then 2 hours on Sunday for anything bigger that needs to be done. Hope this helps!
Betty R.
Everyday task need to be done everyday other task you only need to dedicate a small amount of time don’t worry if it’s not completed each day you will have progressed try to attach the project with something like I brush my teeth everyday so I make sure to clean something in the bathroom right after
Patrick O.
I look to see first if anything has a hard deadline coming up soon. Those get top priority! Then, I look for the smallest tasks possible. To have lots of things accomplished early on helps me feel productive and motivated to achieve more!
D Bora E.
if it’s an everyday task then i guess u can make it into a habit? set the same time and location for yourself to do that task everyday and eventually you’ll get into the habit of it. doing it in the morning might help because you will feel more motivated to do it.
Murat J.
David Allen’s get things done – in list, if it’s fast do it now. If not but important-add to the next action list, if you need to follow up later (an email you sent that that needs response) add to waiting for list so you aren’t truly watching your inbox. This is important so that you can take your mind off that task and focus on the task at hand. For those actions that are not priority immediately, someday maybe list.