How I can make myself I can accomplish those To-do list?

Jordan W.
My method is to start with the items that take the least time first. Once I start checking things off of my to do list, it motivates me to keep going. Also, keep your to do list for the day to 5 things or less. More can be overwhelming. I keep a longer 'task list' or 'reminder list' and take my daily to dos by priority. I also write down how much time is estimated for each task so I don't choose tasks that I am not able to accomplish. For example : Set a dentist appt – 10 min. or shampoo carpet 1.5 hrs. That way I am realistic on what I can do and what I need to make time for.
Kent Y.
You have to be easy on yourself, especially when you’re just starting out. Be kind to yourself, and realize you can’t accomplish 1000 things in a day. You know your baseline the best, and you know what you can/can’t complete. Make realistic tasks, and I often allot a specific timeframe to have them done by. When the time ends, I make a decision whether I’m at a state where I can fully complete it if I go over time, or if it’s time to just move on. Again, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t finish your whole to do list!! It’s a tool that you create to help you, not to burden you.
Severin G.
It's best to start with one! Don't worry about the rest just pick one and make it happen within a self given time frame. If you can't get yourself motivated contact some one you know and ask "Hey [Friend] what are you doing today?" They'll most likely answer cause people love to talk about themselves and follow up by asking for your plans. That's one way to give yourself accountability and if they are a true friend they will celebrate with you when the task is done!!