Does anyone tie their To-Do Lists together with something like an app reminder and calendar to not only hold yourself accountable, but also to remind you to get the list finished?

Arthur T.
I usually before starting to do anything like study or something that I know needs my undivided attention make a to do list by hand on a paper because writing your to do list makes you more accountable also setting reminders and using a calender is good but it may lead to procrastination so you can always ask someone to remind you in person like I ask my sister
Ljubica X.
No; I find that when I start using an app to keep track of my tasks, I inevitably soon stop using the app because it becomes burdensome and time-consuming to update. I just stick with pen and notebook and keep it with me everywhere I go.
Gina F.
I write a running task list in my bullet journal. It makes the stakes feel higher to see a list of things I need to do with empty checkboxes. And in the end I feel more accomplished. For more immediate tasks, as in things I need to do when I leave the house, I make a to do list on my phone. It’s usually a shorter list. Things I need to buy, do, see, send, etc. Again there’s a send of accomplishment. For daily tasks/routines, I use which I can put reminders on. For huge to dos I use Wunderlist. Hope that helps x
Maelya O.
Sometimes I suppose but probably not as rigid as this on a daily basis. I think being reminded to complete a to do list is sometimes taking it a bit too far from actually completing any of the tasks which could be done a bit quicker rather than spending too much time on the to do lists which can also at times contribute to a little more procrastination on things and slow certain things down when I may actually be raring to go with some of the achievements. If I want to get something done I will just do it. A gentle reminder is ok if a lot is going on in my mind at the same time but a quick to do list rather than spending lengths of time on this alone can sometimes be a barrier from completing a task in hand which I'm happy to start with and can spur me on further regardless of how big the next tasks may be.
Clemens Z.
Personally I don't, but I can see why some people find it useful. I just make a list of 2-3 things on Google Keep the night before and I review them in the morning when I wake up. I could put a reminder but I just don't need to. Experiment with it yourself and see what works for you!☺️
Lucy W.
Yes. Google tasks and calendar
Kasper C.
today’s my first full day as a fabulous member. I know from past experience and passed failure that too many tools is ultimately counter-productive … Instead, I’m using the Timeline as further assurance that I’ll complete tasks and do so in a timely manner.
Sofia W.
Yes, I started using roughly six months ago for a to do reminder along with event reminder. I started using it so I would always have a reminder of my daily important activities and doctor's appointments. I didn't always get my to do activities completed because the app only sent me a reminder which is easier to ignore than the Fabulous app. The Fabulous app help me to think about my daily to do list with mental thoughts and challenges to why and what is important to complete for the day. Fabulous also provides me with the tools needed to visualize the time in which I have or don't have to complete my planned activities which my app doesn't.
Auguste C.
Yes, I recently started to journal each morning. During that time, I write down my to-do list or schedule for the day, including a stop time for work. Once I am in my office and at my desk, I use my Outlook calendar on my work computer and plug the work-related items into private time slots throughout my work day. This way my computer will display a reminder when it’s time for me to work on a new task. (I also keep my written to-do beside me and check the items off as I complete them.)