What kind of notebook do you use?

Ishmeen Q.
I use a lot of notebooks and journals for different things. Like I have a bullet journal, normal journal, a planner and a lot of notebooks. I have been writing in my journals since grade 2. And I have completed like 11 journals.
Karie Z.
Currently I am using a black bound small notebook for my to do lists. I have also been writing the tips given down in the notebook.
Ana F.
I use whichever notebook I have laying around, I've bought a few, simply because they're pretty, so now I'm using them. Journals that you love are better than ones you don't. I feel more compelled to use the pretty ones.
Antonina X.
You use whatever suits you. You can start a journal in order to write your to-do lists – daily or weekly or even monthly. If you want to you can write your list on a random piece of paper you have at hand. As I said, it’s your choice.
Trishna E.
I used to keep a bullet journal, but since that has gotten hard to stay consistent with, I decided to switch to a plain old todo list with Fabulous and an app called Todoist. Both of these apps have motivated me to complete my tasks and make my life more productive much more than a paper notebook has.
Andy O.
I use a journal format that has a free template from mel robbins 5second journal.com
Fantastic covers all the elements you need. Can't recommend enough
Carly O.
I am now using a journal I bought for myself 20 years ago when working at Wondrous Things. I’ve always put it aside because it was too precious for whatever I needed a notebook for.
Ethan N.
I like aesthetic colours, so currently my paper journals consist of one white and gold marble coil notebook with 5 different sections, and a light turquoise notepad that reads ‘do more of what makes you happy’ inspirational quotes like this encourage me to write how I feel in the moment and also any other aspects that I would be scared to let out onto paper.
Sou F.
Since I am dont live home temporarily, I'm just using my son's A5 notebook I bought for him to scribble and write something. I'm also using a pencil. This is a temporary solution until o find a nicer one. Most important for me was to start, even without a nice notebook
Lesi N.
For my todo list I use my agenda book . I have a large one, the size of a regular notebook because I like to put reminder papers in the folders. For instance some mail and imprint documents that I need to sit down and really read it. For my goal to do list I use loose leaf paper and put them in a folder. So far that’s working but I might just get a hard composition notebook and give it a try!
Shanwow N.
I have a daily planner that I put all my notes for the day and to do lists. I also have a composition notebook for planning and working through tasks. 🙂
Bertha O.
I just use an old, small one, since I hoarded so many notebooks over the years, I decided not to buy a new one and just use the ones I have
Francisco P.
I use a notebook called a bullet journal, which helps me follow the bullet journal method with its customized templates. It has page numbers, dotted grid, and bookmarks to keep track of my ideas and tasks. I have been maintaining this journal for a few years and has immensely helped with my productivity and reflection much better than any app.
Felicia Q.
A simple spiral bound college ruled notebook from the clearance aisle. Beautiful notebooks are nice, but can be intimidating. Sometimes I don't feel like what I want to write down is important enough or "good" enough to write in a beautiful, hard-backed notebook. I already have several plain notebooks for classwork that I feel comfortable writing anything in, so I use them instead. I have enough anxiety without purposefully adding to it.
Simone F.
I personally use 2 notebooks. I have one for my whimsical ideas and playful mind, with a cover to match that energy! I also have a more professional and pretty looking notebook, in there I will gather my deepest thoughts and self reflections. This way, I automatically create the right mindset the moment I look at or pick up the notebook I need at that moment.
Jeppe B.
I’ve been the person who spent way too much on a journal that collects dust. Now I just stick to using journals from the dollar store! Personally I like small ones that I can carry easy.
Russell E.
Раньше я использовала блокноты с чистыми листами, которые заполняла сама и вела по системе Bullet journal. Но я постоянно забывала это делать или слишком ленилась. По-настоящему заполнять его у меня получалось только когда было вдохновение. А вносить данные я все время забывала. Каким бы красивым он не был, я просто отвлеклась от заполнения. Поэтому мне больше нравятся приложения, ведь я постоянно в телефоне и вижу уведомления.
Andy O.
I use a journal from mel Robbins.com free download. Covers current feeling, energizing, top project, 1 step, gratitude, and plan for the day. Fantastic format.
Henny W.
I use a leather note pad. It's like a wallet the can hold 3 x 5 index cards. I take notes on those and can then Organize them later if needed. It also helps me practice the art of letting go. I can place an emotion or do hard work (like a drawing) on the cards, then recycle them to release them.
Michael F.
It really depends. I am a notebook lover, so I collect them mostly, even more than using them.

Said so, I really like the notebooks from Moleskine, I like the colours of the covers and I like the paper. There is a series of notebooks made by a brand, which I cannot recall now, and it is papers made out of stones. Really really nice!

Lucineri A.
I use the ban.do 12 month planner. Its pink with red writing saying "alot can happen in a year " it has a sticker page and beautiful layouts