How do you make a do-able list? I end up wanting to write down a whole month’s worth of chores

Julius U.
I do a "brain dump" list and then break it down. Projects get scheduled (paint kids' bedrooms.–> April), then break those into the smaller tasks required. Next I look at the next week and decide what's realistic. Then move must get done (e.g., grocery shopping) and a few "needs" for larger projects (e.g. buy paint) to the coming week's to do list. Then move tasks to specific days (scheduling time blocks if that makes sense). Then for the day, prioritize 1, 2, and 3 on what would make the day a success if nothing else gets done.
Clesisniara Q.
I just jump on todoist and write everything out and reflect on it as a whole and redistribute it over the next coming days, by doing it daily I’m always aware of my workload and what I have coming up and how I want to prioritise my days
Russell R.
I write them in point form from most important to least. Then tick them off with a marker when it’s complete. It may take a week or month to accomplish this list but when I see all the ticks it makes me feel successful
Doris O.
I only think about the day ahead and what I must do and that's all I write. Tomorrow will come soon enough and I'll think about it then
Marli Z.
That’s how I start. Just brain dump everything on a piece of paper. Then I go back and categorize the tasks either by type (cleaning) or importance (do now, later), then break it down even further within those categories. It takes longer but dealing with them in chunks is much easier than a huge list