What is the best time to write my to do list? I am really busy with my college.

Jimmy N.
I always write things down when they come to my mind, but usually I write my to do list in the morning and check it in the night to have a good sleep.

Mathis E.
I find it very useful to take half an hour on a Sunday to write out my priorities for the week as a whole and then plot out the key actions for each day. This means that it only takes a few minutes to check and realign my priorities each morning. I’m most effective and productive when I manage to check what I need to get done first thing in the morning, check and adjust some time in the middle of the day and look back on what I’ve achieved at the end of the day.

Andreas W.
For me it works best when I review the day in the evening and then prepare a draft of next day's to-do list. Then in the morning I'm updating it based on how I feel, what comes up etc. It takes me around 20 minutes to do all of those things, and it saves a lot of time during the day.

Phil S.
I really like writing my to do list the day before. I’m super busy too, and it helps me end my day to write down where I left off work, what roadblocks I ran into, and what I need to do the next day. I find that I sleep better because I don’t have to think about all the things I left unfinished.

Norman F.
The best time to write a to do list is in the morning while eating breakfast, or whenever you are sitting down, the first thing in the morning. You can also write a to do list for the next day the night before when you are in bed before you go to sleep! That way you are not laying there thinking of what all you have to do the next day! Just write down what all you need to do, then what you want to do. Then you can put them in order of importance. Do what has to be done first, don’t be afraid to put off something until the next day! As long as you are crossing something off your list you are progressing and finishing your goals! You can set reminders or an alarm to help you remember to write a list or even ask a friend to remind you! I even have post it notes to help me remember something! Good luck!

Heather J.
I think about the things I want to write on my to do list while I have breakfast and then I write them while I prepare myself to go out

Lia O.
I generally do mine every morning and then edit it at night so that I know what has to move over if anything for the next day 🙂 I think it’s down to Personal preference 🙂

Victor F.
I’m in college too! What I like to do is when I sit down to study, I write my to do list for that study session. Or if that doesn’t work, you could try doing it it when your first wake up, do it for the whole week Sunday night, or whenever you get the chance. If you commute, you could write your to do’s while you’re commuting!

Urbana Q.
It depends on what your daily schedule is like. For example, I like to write my list in the morning because I get to school long before my first class. But if you are busy during the day, it might help to write your list at night so that you already know what to do when you wake up.

Paul C.
Hi! First, college is hard! But you can do hard things! Here are a few ideas for working a to do list into your schedule.
1. First thing: are you a morning person? Do you spend time drinking coffee or eating breakfast? If yes, use the time to get your to do list on paper.
2: Last thing: Do you hate mornings? Do you sleep until the last possible moment? Then end of day might be a better choice. You can wind down by listing your goals for the next day and prioritizing. Include any unfinished items from the day.
3. Down time: do you ride public transportation? Or have an open hour between classes? Put that time to good use and get a plan on paper.
Good luck with college!

Hanna Q.
Before you go to bed, write down your tasks for the following day. Then, when you wake up, go over them and pick your three most important, highest impact tasks, which are the ones you'll tackle first.

Beate R.
Ideally it should be done soon after waking up.But say if you have college just after you wake up or you don't have much time in the morning,then do it in afternoon or whenever you get free from college.The main purpose of a to do list is that it's a map of your day that you have designed.It helps you to do useful tasks first and others afterwards.So by making a to do list,you will have an overview that what comes next in your day.

Salma N.
I like to write my to do list in the evening when I have some quiet time to think about the next days activities. I also spend some time on the weekends planning for the upcoming week. In addition I spend time during the last week of the month filling out a calendar with my entire schedule for the next month. This way I usually know what is going on the next day and what I need to get done.

Romy O.
In the morning and every time I get a new task. I find using a pocket notebook is more helpful to organize the task flow. I usually keep tasks in left column and schedule a brief timeline in the right column. This is simpler than using todo app and easier to track.