How can I focus and concentrate on my studies?

Samantha X.
I think that’s a complex question. Meditating twice a day for 15-20 minutes at a time and doing exercise will help. Try and avoid getting distracted by the internet.
Mathias N.
Having taken a few psychology courses I've learnt a big way to help yourself is to listen to music that doesn't have lyrics. Personally I enjoy breaking things up by 30 min increments because I can't focus too long. In terms of long term, constantly and consistently look at what you want to achieve as long term goals. As long as those are aligned it could be a major motivation for you.
Rose C.
At first you must have a sense of responsability. You must ignore all things that distruct your studying. You should have a suitable environment, more focus and some motivation. That can be done by ( Fabulous)
Terrance F.
Putting negative thoughts aside and not predicting future and the results in a bad way. Thinking that I already have everything and I’m happy but I can be better and experience more.
Janet N.
Try to avoid distractions as much as you can. Try to set yourself in an environment where you can focus and where the rest are working or studying as well. Drink plenty of water and try to exercise a bit in the mornings (that will help you to relax) ♥️
Annette Q.
Visual failing because you didn’t put in the work
Then visual celebrating because you worked your tail off and succeeded
Sedat W.
Im going back to university and i struggle with the same thing. I feel like I'm missing something or should be doing something else. I find it helpful to make andoutinenod between this hour and this hour I am unreachable z there's no tv and I need to right the urge to stop working/Studying and do some breathing exercises if thats helpful for you andbporomisebyoursekd that you are going to do rhrsbtbo can in the time limit amount of timeninhsbe. I you schedule this every day orbeveryvweek itbeikk bexomenneasuer and even a habit for me!
Alex N.
Perhaps it is helpful to visualize the success and also convince yourself that what you are doing is meaningful to you. Often just going to somewhere where you can start, is helpful. Just start and see how it goes. The hardest is to start. Then comes inspiration.
Valentin Q.
I can focus more on my studies when I give myself the space to potentially grieve. Because right now I never know when it starts. I can focus more on studying if i do it somewhere secluded from all my clutter. I can focus more on my studies if I put together a plan again that works with my new life. I can focus better on studying when I only do what is absolutely necessary.
Fred E.
I am not good at it. I’m trying pomodori technique while studying. It works for me also i used make me fabulous thing which is 45 min. I struggled but i will use it more often