Some tasks just seem to stay on my list day after day until I complete them. Any advice how to tackle them faster?

Laureano I.
Hi, try taking them off the list after 3 days OR put them off several days, instead of purring them off until the next day. HTH.
Brennan W.
Do the tasks you dislike the most first. Do that consistently.

Break the task down into smaller parts.

Get help completing the task.

Wendy S.
Eat the frog. Do those tasks first and tell yourself that it will feel so great when they’re complete that there’s no use in keeping them hanging on.
Justin Y.
Answer this – do you really want to do these tasks? If so, can you delegate? No, – split them into smaller tasks that need less than 15-30 minutes to finish.
Niara N.
Make it the first thing you do the next time you wake up. Eat the frog. Then, it's over. Reward yourself and continue with your day.
Mille G.
Look up the term NON-ZERO-DAY to fully understand what I am talking about. Make sure that no matter what you do you always work on something that counts towards your important life goals even if you can't finish the task just do what you can do in the remaining time. When you do a task do it as a favour to your future self. Be thankful for past, future and current self. Even if you were not able to complete the task be thankful for the part that your past self DID do. Even if it was just one minute of work. Current self wants to sit down, relax, worry sleep, avoid, accept that that is how current you feels but realise that you do not need to give in to those feelings. Instead tell yourself you are doing it for future you and do it. 

There will be times that you do give in to current you and don't work towards your goal. You will feel like scolding past you. Putting yourself down telling yourself you never could, never will be able to and should not even try to reach your goals. Forgive your past self with all of your heart. And pick up where you left off. 

Exercise and improve yourself. i read alot of self help books and this is what works for me. When I notice I am avoiding a task it mostly boils down to two things. Either I am being distracted by my feelings or I am unsure about what I am supposed to do. 

To make sure I know what I am supposed to do I make a list. I prioritize the 3 most important tasks by marking them with an A. Then the next three B and the rest C. Then I start working down the A tasks in the order I wrote them down, then B etc.

If I am distracted by my feelings I will go to my journal and Identify, Accept, Attribute, Act (IAAA) . Identify my feelings. Accept them by letting myself be overcome by them and describing how it makes my body feel. Attribute what caused me to feel this way. Act how should I react to what made me feel this way. 

When I come to part of accepting the feelings I will already start feeling some relief. sometimes I will have to examine my feelings over and over before I get to that point. 

anyway this is what works for me but what works for you might be completely different so keep reading books until you find something that works for you. 

Exercise is a good time to reset yourself. I find that if I do not exercise I feel ready to start on my tasks.