Does it take you the full 10 minutes to write your to-do? I know I can reduce the time if needed. But how long does it typically take you to complete it? And how do you address different types of to-do items, like house chores, shopping lists and people to call, etc?

Lisa Z.
Writing my to do list usually takes a couple of minutes. While having morning coffee or water I will list what I want to accomplish.
Alex P.
I think it depends on the purpose of the list. If it's just a todo list then it takes less than 10 min. But, sometimes I write sometimes I organize my thoughts as well as a list so it may take the full 10 mins.
Gesche X.
I take about 8 minutes to write mine. I use a whiteboard, so then I can edit it day-to-day. I use different colored markers for care, work/school, and development/skills.
Sin Sio N.
I have two sections in a journal. One for work and personal goals and one for chores. I rate top three for goals. Chores are just a list of tasks which can be crossed off or added to when I have a thought. The next day I carry over or adjust depending on how the day looks. It usually takes about 2 or 3 minutes!
William W.
I usually have something of an agenda already in my head, so the time varies. When I have several categories to deal with, I make columns (vertical), and if there are extremely high priority items, I color code. I try to have different ink colors—the contrast helps.
Jud S.
It genuinely varies on how much I have to do in a given day, bur it rarely takes me ten minutes, more like five or maybe even less. I do not consider a shopping list to be part of a to do list more like a subcategory that takes me a while to put together because I add to it as I run out of things around the house. Things like chores and calls I do put on the list though
Silje F.
I already have set in my mind what it is I want to accomplish for the day (or the next few upcoming days). So, it typically takes me about 5 minutes. If there are things I need to organize- time management wise- then it will take the full 10. For the other things, I always prioritize in accordance to importance. If it is something I have been putting off, it goes to the top of the list. I’ve noticed others organize tasks in accordance to difficulty or how much time it may consume but that does not necessarily work for me. I think “what is important to me? Will getting this done first facilitate the rest of my tasks or drain me from completing them” and then work on from there. Hope that helps!
Natal Cio E.
Depending on the day, it can take me less than 10mins to write my to-do list. But I actually like spending the whole 10mins planning my day and writing the list, it helps me to stay focused throughout the day. I tend to tackle my list by dividing it: work related and personal time related; I also try to number the tasks after I’ve written them to make it easier to do them.
Iza P.
It takes me a minute or two. I generally only put three things on it and then rank those in importance. I may have a lot of things that could or should be done, but not all of them are important enough to make the list. The list is a reflection of my values, what I care about above all else today. So if laundry is on the list it is because I value order and readiness to look and feel good for the rest of the week, or whatever. I also should add that I have a home list.and an office list, so the items on each list have to be realistically what I can do in one day.
Layla U.
It takes me about 3-5 min. To do my too do list. I don’t have a lot of things on my too do list so It takes me shorter of time I still check it off but I don’t really do the full 15 min. But I still do it just not in 15 min.
Axelle O.
If I’m writing my to do you list for the week around my work out schedules and meal plan, it tends to take me longer than 10 minutes. Daily to do’s associated to my work doesn’t take 10 minutes
Patrick C.
One thing that helps me is the app "todoist" I create list of the things the I want to and organize by date, I've tried to use a planner but didn't work for me
Carole Q.
Sometimes it can take 10 minutes. Other times it's longer than that. It takes a lot of time and concentration. It's very hard for me. I suffer from ADD and other mental health issues.