Its been 2 days but i see that it helps me. But isnt being spontaneous also a good thing.

Gustav Andersen
It certainly is a fantastic app and i have to say it helped me in many ways. You dont have to stick to it completely and sometimes something spontaneous happens but structure is quiet important.

Antonino Jaeger
This isn’t a rigid scheduler for daily life. It’s about developing better, healthier habits to achieve your goals – whatever they are. And face it – if being spontaneous was working so well chances are you wouldn’t be looking for other methods to do this. 2 days is a drop in the bucket if you have years or a lifetime of unhealthy habits. You’ve got to give it a lot more than that before you see a result. To borrow a cliche –
It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got this.

Tyrone Perkins
The answer lies in what you want in the end and why are you doing what you started. If the end goal is worth it, you ll find it in you to stick to it no matter what. And there will always be room for spontaneity to enjoy, once you have your foundations of life rock solid 😉

Héloïse Blanchard
It depends. As long as spontaneity isn’t mistaken for impulsivity and you can distinguish clearly, using wisdom, spontaneity can be a good thing.