How can I force myself to do some exercises in the morning even when I’m actually going to fall asleep back?

Jacob P.
Get up and just do it. After a few days of just doing it you will want to do it,will miss it if you don't. Say to yourself "I am going to exercise this morning." Then do it!
Jesse C.
If you're planning to fall back asleep doing exercises would be counter productive since exercise tends to give you a jolt of energy and focus. If you're saying you feel like you'll fall back asleep but you want to exercise to help you wake up, try setting your phone/alarm across the room so you physically get up to turn it off. Once you're up commit to getting a glass/bottle of water to refresh the hydration you lose while sleeping. Now you've already gotten away from your bed and you'll be less likely to go all the way back to it. Use the fabulous app to mark off drinking your water and then, while you're still in the app, select a short workout or stretching session from the make me fabulous menu. It'll take about a week to really commit this routine to your normal behavior but it will help you get up and stay up. The exercise will give you a boost like a cup of coffee, but if it's still not enough to get you're day going then drink a cup of tea/coffee. These changes take time, so don't be hard on yourself. And don't panic or be frustrated if you miss a day. Instead, try to focus on setting records for days in a row that you complete the routine. Build the chain as they say. Hope it helps
Pepe Z.
I found that you fall back to sleep or find reasons not to exercise only if you give yourself time time to think.
To exercise you need to get out of the house. Just focus on small simple steps to do it without thinking how and why.
Wake up, sit up, drink, put clothes and shoes on, get out of the house. Do not give yourself time to question the routine, just move from one step to the other.
Eva E.
Timing a bedtime with the essential things I need tommorow ex gym bag or outfit planned and enough rest. Also is that priority for me?