Do you include new tasks in your to do or incorporate habits that are already in your daily routines?

Stella Y.
I use a combination! My to-dos are mainly for tasks that I want to accomplish that day. I use the 1-3-5 method I learned from Fabulous: 1 Big Thing, 3 Most Important Tasks, and 5 Small Tasks. The 5s are usually my real To-Dos; things like laundry, dinner, etc. If I get them done early, I add more to keep it at 5. The 3s help me wade through the stuff that needs doing, to focus on what's important. 3s will usually take time, maybe a couple hours each. For me, this will usually be a task for the day, but I WILL use a 3 for my habits if I need to – for example, to reserve time for exercise in a busy day. For my 1 Important Thing, I often use that for the current Fabulous Challenge, so I remember to keep track of it all day. Some days my 1 is self-care; some days it's for a big work project. I really love this system, and I feel that it works for me!