Should I use digital notebook or real notebook?

Arif L.
I really like having a pen and paper one as well as a digital one for back-up. The pen and paper is my preferred because i like the physicality of it, but having a back up in case I forget to bring the physical helps me keep the habit.
Rita F.
I think a real notebook is best. O like to see things ok paper, and it helps with motivation because it is satisfying to criss things of the list physically
Joaquim Q.
Although a didgutal notebook would be more convenient and allow you to keep notes for longer, the paper notebook would ensure you are really thinking about what you are writing. Plus the act of writing with a pen and paper seems to be somewhat cathartic and helps to reinforce the habit you are trying to build.
Aguinaldo N.
I prefer digital notebooks when it's likely I will have to edit mosmthet of the information after it is written, like completing the notes I wrote a few days and pages ago, but for lists, logs and daily journals I think paper is better, plus it's faster to find the information from the dates before and write. You can make a doodle, or draw lines between tasks to show that they are connected and it s much simpler than editing the color and rder of priority in an app.
Jamie J.
I prefer a real notebook. In my experience I remember what I write down. I use post it notes for my To Do list. I can stick it to my daily planner.
Ethan J.
I think it is very much a personal choice. The advice of many seems to be that the act of writing has some value – reinforcing what you write …
Laura G.
Whichever you prefer. Most of the time I like to use my real notebook. When I'm busy or rushed I use my digital notebook to note my thoughts.