How do you prioritize your to-do list?

L A Z.
First of all I have very cute agenda.
Second of all, I always know what is the most important for me, though I often let myself to get destracted by non important things. So for me, writing it down is not a problem. Accomplishing is 不不不不

Maria P.
One of two ways…I either think about what would happen if I DONT do each item, and then rank them according to how bad it would be if I didnt do them…or the reverse, I think about how good I will feel if I DID do each one, and then rank them according to how great each one completed would make me feel.

Christy R.
I dont yet. Thus far Im glad to have a to-do list. I do my list in two columns. Theres the to-do list and the did-do list. Thats where I write things that popped up that had to get done, or felt like they had to. Its kind of like counting calories before changing your diet to see where you are now. I can look at the things that got in the way of my plans. Sometimes theyre urgent but often times they couldve waited their turn and I wouldve gotten more of my list done. But even small progress is progress.

Julie Z.
I have a printed tasks list and prioritize urgent things that need to be completed today using a pink highlighter (I do not like the color pink so the less of it I see the better I feel, LOL), actions I would like to get done today if possible highlighted in the color blue, and items that can wait if i don't get to them today highlighted in the color yellow.

Liliana Z.
Well I think it varies depending on what is on my to-do list. But there are some things I do consider to rank them. I put anything related to my physical, mental, and/or spiritual health above tasks from any other category. Without my health and well-being, not much else would matter. Then I put anything related to my financial and/or legal security. I need money and compliance with the law to live a good life. Then I put anything related to taking care of my car. If I cant get to places I need to go, that impacts everything. Then I put anything related to my biggest and most important dream/project, the one I want to accomplish/complete the most, but have fear and resistance around it. Next I rank anything related to taking care of my home, then time and activities with people I love. Lastly I put any

Sophie J.
Not physically on paper, but I notice my mind will on its own sometimes.

The same particular to-do will keep appearing in my thoughts more so than any other for example and wont stop until I do it.

Jeanette T.
If anything on my to-do list involves running errands, I do those things first. I like to get those things finished and out of the way as early as possible so I have the rest of the day to finish my list and relax a little bit. After I finish that part of my list, I usually do the cleaning part because lets be honest, we all have some sort of cleaning on our to-do lists! I always make sure to include my dogs in the list, just so I know theyre getting some extra attention because they deserve it. If theres anything on my list involving school work, I usually wait until the evening to tackle it. Its when everything is the most relaxed and I know Ill have some quiet to really concentrate and focus.