Just wondering as a single mom who works 50 plus hours a week, 6 days, what do you recommend? I always make a to do list, mentally or physically, only finishing the materialistic stuff and always end up with no time for my stuff.

Capucine E.
You can try and mark every task with an "A" a "B" or a "C". Then you try and finish only the "A" tasks and when you are done try to do the "B" tasks and so on. Now Mark also your staff with an A or. A B and you will be able to get also your stuff done. 🙂 have a wonderful and macical day
Alberto Y.
First off, I hope you find time to rest and that you are milking those hours. I work 40 plus and I still have a hard time doing things that involve personal accomplishments. Something new I’m trying to implement along with my daily to do list is having an extra deep work session when I get home from work to clear out at least one more thing from the list. Hard to do because I can’t exercise at the moment and I find myself with low energy.
Katherine P.
I see minimalism as a solution for reducing the physical clutter and mindfulness to reduce mental clutter. Once that is practiced you will have sufficient time for experiences.