what helps you with to do lists?

Suzanna P.
Keeping A notebook helps, because you can look back do you remember what you haven’t completed yet. It also helps to write in future events that have specific deadlines and need completion.
Wilhelmine E.
Using fun colors, carrying it around with me. I love lists and checking things off. If the task seems overwhelming it’s too big, try making each step of the task a to do item instead.
Valentina S.
My bullet journal and Apple iOS Reminders app. Reminders holds my day to day chores which I share with the family to assing chores too. Reminders also holds links to letter mail that I scan then schedule for review. My Bullet Journal handles everything else. I sit down and plan daily work every night and morning. This hands on approach, writing and using paper, keeps me in very close contact with my goals and what I need to do. I love it because my BuJo forces me to think through what I am planning and to use my time carefully.
Ava S.
First, keep the list short. Three items is manageable.

Next, add one thing you like to do, or you would see as "fun". You want momentum with completing a list. That may be the spark you needed to power through.

Barac Q.
I mean not anything in special I just write it down and I just get motivated that I can finish my work and have more time for myself
Greg Q.
Start with the difficult task
Cut big task to small parts
Put it on a calendar and review it in morning, afternoon, evening
Write it the night before
Keep it easy not busy
Don’t forget to play
And leave room for change and rearrange your tasks when needed
Savannah P.
Well, maybe that's something that change from person to person, but usually I just write down my whole day and not really just "tasks to do". Most of the list I repeat it once a week, some of it even everyday like "Eat breakfast". I'm a student so I even put my classes there with there respective time to start and end and I also write down what I need to do in my freetime, all this in the correct order of what to do first. For example, one simple list could be:
-morning ritual;
-take the hh:mm bus;
-have that one class from … to …;
-(1 hour between classes) do Task 1 that you have already decided previously;
-have second class from … to …;
-go home;
-task 2;
-task 3;
It is important that you decide the order of your tasks and stick with it, it makes it more efficient. But it's okay if you switch them during the day. Even if you fail to do them, it's not the end of the world but you should be realistic while deciding your tasks and know if you have time and dedication to do them all or not. With time, you will get more experience to have this kind of decisions. I hope I have helped you!
Allie Z.
Todo lists that I can refer easily & todo list with the checkboxes that I can check it off
Either the todo item got removed or stroke after completing the todo