Do you have a specific order for your to-do list like sorting them by importance, by how long a task takes, by time of the day, by similar tasks to similar tasks, having difficult and time consuming in between easy and quick ones etc., or do you just write it down how ever it comes into your mind? Do you sort it afterwards?Do you write information like time next to it and highlight the most urgent to-dos? Would you recommend To-dos to be planned out or rather spontaneous? A wonderful day to who ever answers this! Good luck with changing your habits for the better and making the most out of what is already inside you!

Viviana E.
On Friday I usually make a list beginning on each room of my house(including usual chores or extra). Than I make a list for things to to related to each member of my family. I end it with a weekly menu, on which base I make my list of shopping.
I have a plan of routines to follow that includes time to dedicate to chores, time for yoga, study and play… Oh it all includes my family too.
I only need fabulous help because from time to time I fell off the train and need a strong arm to pick me up again.
And it works.