Is it better to write your to do in the morning before you start your day? Or at night to prepare you for tomorrow?

Cathy F.
I like to write my to do at night so that I’m not thinking in circles trying not to forget what I need to do tomorrow. In the morning I’m too groggy to remember all the things I need to do as well. I can go to sleep content that everything is in my journal/planner
Almuth J.
At Night so you prepare yourself for the next day. Also your last thought will be positive and about what you will achieve the next day.
Eleazar N.
Both. I find writing my to do list the night before beneficial for the things I know need to happen the following day, but in the morning there are things which get added because sometimes plans need rearranged.
Angel O.
I’ve just been getting into to-do lists so I don’t really know much, but personally I like doing it in the morning because I have a fresh mind (I sound like a hippie haha) and I can think through everything better.
Alison E.
I used to write a list for the whole week but since starting this program I enjoy writing it in the mornings. I like taking 5mins to just focus on what my goals are for just that day. This also makes it easy to add anything I haven't completed the day before.
Elias C.
I prefer preparing my to do list the night before before switching off for the day. Otherwise the morning routine gets too long. Besides it gives me more time to think about the day ahead and release my tension.
Tara X.
I prefer to write my to do list for the next day in the evenings. Doing so gives me a head start on the new day. I can adjust my priorities as the day progresses.
Tha S O.
I find the night before is definitely better – though I usually review it before I get going in the morning and think more about the order I’m going to do things.
Christopher J.
I prefer doing it at night (the earliest possible I can do it which is when I finish work for the day) so that the next day I can just review it. It feels less stressful that way and I’m prepared for my day the moment I get up.
Jose Z.
I find that it's easier to write it at night when I'm winding down and reflecting on the day. That way I can focus my morning on productivity instead of trying to remember what I need to do