Is it advisable to also segregate times slots in my to-do list in the notebook?

Wolfhard U.
Different things work for different people- it sounds like a good idea and I think it’s worth trying out to see whether you like it or not, but also giving yourself the flexibility to stop drilling it down that much if you find it overwhelming.
Maritta J.
Personally I don't like to fix myself into time slots, but I do put constraints, such as "x must be done before or at 12, y can be done anytime after 4" etc.
Claire S.
I do it this way: to-do list shows what I’ve to do that day anyhow, I do that sequentially (tracking my time in Toggl to stay motivated and safety of distractions). This way I’m sure I do only things that matter because my time is tracked (by Toggl) and every second literall counts.
I think it’s good alternative to using calendar for to-dos. I use calendar for planning ahead only for appointments which will happen anyway such as meetings etc.
Good luck 🍀
Tina G.
If you have a timetable for that day, which will make it more organized and effective, then you should slot your to-do list, but conside the time that item takes.