How often do you update/reflect on your to do list? Daily? When it’s finished? Do you keep up a running task list? Do you check it every night or every morning?

Felecia P.
I update my to do list daily, every morning. I check it in the afternoon to make sure I’m on the right track and to do whatever I’m missing from my list.
Henrike R.
Jeg tenker hver eneste kveld på alt jeg har å være takknemlig for✨ Min samboer,familien,venner,alt vi har oppnådd siden vi traff hverandre for 2 år siden…Er mest takknemlig for livet mitt og samlivet mitt💜
Frida W.
For work: I keep a master to do list electronically with approximate due dates (if known) and categorized by type of activity. I have a priority category as well for things that I know are coming soon. I write a daily to do list from that every evening before I leave. My next step is to start setting aside time on Friday or Sunday to review the master list to ensure that I’m bringing all items coming due back up on to my daily list. I also have an “up next” section in the daily list – no expectation that I’ll do it today, but capturing that it’s coming.
Jane O.
I write all my daily appointments and tasks I want to get done the night before when I’m getting ready for bed. I check my bullet journal again in the morning to track my sleeping and habits and check what I need to do for the day. I come back to my journal a couple times during the day to cross things off and check what still needs to be done. I keep a running to do and grocery list for each month. I cross items off directly from my running lists, but sometimes also copy tasks over to my daily log if there’s something specific that I really want to make sure gets done that day.
Mikkel C.
I constantly check my to do list. But I don’t use the fabulous to do function, I use “remainders” synchronised with my calendar on my phone.
The fabulous morning habit reminder reminds me to update and review my schedule/to-do/reminders/calendar
Alberte W.
I rewrite my whole to do list every day on a new page of my notebook in the morning. I prioritize it using ABC labels and identify the three most important tasks. I’ve found that my list has gotten shorter as I’ve used this more, and I have a lot of A’s. I’ve had to admit that some of my A’s were really B’s or could drop off the list entirely for a while. If anything where I have trouble is getting the top three done every day, not finishing every project I happened to start months ago. Writing the whole thing forces me to think about every last item on it and why I am or am not doing it, and whether it truly is important. For longer term items I like the idea of having separate plans – those haven’t always worked for me but I keep them in a separate notebook.
Floyd O.
I only see this list once a day and it paying much attention.i am not keeping up the check list. I should pay more attention.
Thomas E.
I Update my to do list every morning and make sure I know which things to do for today. The things not needed today will either be out in my “week” list or “future” list. As I finish task I remove them from the list. Remove as in delete. They have to be 100% out of mind to free up space. When the list is empty I take new items from the week list. I have my lists open and near to me 24/7 so no matter when I either finish something or have to add something I can do it, so that I don’t have to remember it thus taking mind capacity
Jen F.
I try to utilize a to-do list daily; I try to update and reflect on the relevancy as often as possible, looking at the list multiple times a day to make sure I stay on course. I like to have a Top 3 that I make my top priority and work on those tasks until they are done. If they are not done by the end of the day and they are still important to do, I start with those tasks first the next day. That said, it’s good to think about the relevancy and urgency of all your tasks and try to estimate how long it will take you to do each one. I also prefer to keep a daily schedule so I can see our by hour what I’m doing and organize my Top 3 tasks accordingly. Also whenever I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, I try to redirect my focus to the number one task I want to get done that day, and if I can get it done, then move onto the next one. It really helps not to have too much on your to do list for the day and focus one your Top 3 as I said. I hope this helps!
Logan F.
I have a long todo list, with lots of tasks overdue. These accumulating list is making me depressed. I almost look at it all the time actually
Francis T.
I don’t. Writing it down just helps me remember it, because lately my to do’s have been so very basic. I guess because I am a SAHM, and because I’m still trying to establish a basic hygiene routine. Back when I was working outside of the home I would have a running checklist that was prioritized extensively. It worked better when I took the advice to take little sticky notes and cover up all but the top three items.
Floyd J.
Not often enough. My lists have stayed the same since I started out. I occasionally reflect on whether I’m doing the full list but haven’t changed anything yet
Ronny U.
I use a planner everyday, throughout the day to track daily tasks. I plan my year goals, then each month I look at my rolling todo list and decide what I will focus on. On Friday each week I pick one major/most important task for each day the following week. That way I always have a plan of what needs to get done and I don’t have any feelings of overwhelm.
Colleen Z.
Well, i check my list every night before i sleep and i delete the things that i've done and sometimes i add new things to do the next morning or any other time
Oliver W.
I reflect on my to-do list at least every morning and every night.

I use Things to keep track of all of my to-do items, for the current day and far into the future.

I also use the Best Self journal to keep track of long term goals and work at them in day by day pieces. This involves writing in my journal every morning, reevaluating my long term goal and writing down the three most important things I can do today too make it closer to my goal. I also enter these three things into my Things app, so I can remember them throughout the day.

Every night, I sit back down with my journal and reflect on the day. I check to see if I've accomplished my the main goals for the day, then reflect on ways I can improve, and brag to myself about things that went really well.

Combining this app with the Best Self journal has been an amazing experience, honestly.