How do you move forward when the past grabs you and wants to return you to your old ways or stop growing because you don’t believe in yourself just yet?

Liana J.
I do my best to see the value in me, right now, in this present moment. I know I am always a wonderful work in progress so I try to not beat myself up which is my first thought.
Katie Z.
You start by being kind to yourself for regressing into old ways. It’s okay to slip up, replacing old habits takes time. I firmly believe that progress is never lost on the part to setting better habits, because every time you come back to it, it feels that much more familiar.

Believing yourself is a habit like anything else , a habit of the mind. It won’t happen just yet; it's one of the by products, not the end in itself. Even the most successful people struggle with self doubt. I’ve realized that I need to learn to handle my demons and make them work for me, not try to vanquish them.

Rosemary F.
Focus on what you have planned to do. Plan what you want and need to do to achieve the life you want. Find the life you want by recognising what makes you happy and fulfilled. Making a stable positive core to life allows a reassuring start point and reference for trying new things.
Norah N.
Relax into it. Acknowledge it for what it is. Realize you would not be where you are if it were not for the past. Refocus and pick up where you left off.
Adelindo I.
Think about how far you have come and that there no assets waiting for you in the past. Beneficial habits come with change and time is an essential part of change. That requires you to move forward with life.
Dione O.
It was my pain point too but it vanished momentarily when I decided what my life purpose is.

It reignited me and made my past irrelevant. You can’t betray your purpose and your dream — if it’s genuine — cannot be broken by anyone including you.

So begin with a stoicism journey and find your purpose (there is a journey for that too) afterwards.

Dirce Q.
Well each day you get to choose again. So maybe take smaller steps that it is almost impossible not to do. Praise yourself for every little step you make in the right direction. Don't look too far ahead. Focus on little changes. Don't compare yourself to others. You are on your own journey. Be kind to yourself. Just keep on keeping on!