Do you still write out your to-do list every single day though the things you need to do are the same for the following days?

Rosa C.
Yes I do. Because if I don't then if even 1 thing changes; an appointment, a phone call, a project, … then I might miss it if I don't write things down.
Grace X.
I try to re-write them at least every 2-3 days, just to keep them fresh. Maybe re-organize them or prioritize the tasks in a different way.
Steve Q.
I write in short phrases the longer it stays on my list, but yes, barring the ever single day tasks like hygiene and personal maintenance, work and home to-do's stay on the list until they're complete or I decide they're not that important anymore. Someone told me it motivates them to work on the things, even if just so that they dont have to write them down anymore! And even though I may mot get to it in the day if it is not one of my three most important things, I still need the thing to stay on my radar.
Franklin U.
My To-do list covers M-F. Across the top horizontally are the repeatable tasks; daily(D), every other day (EotD), and weekly (W). Running vertically under this area are my Monday through Fridays with day specific tasks listed. This method makes it easy to use an arrow to move a task forward or backward and it allows me to see my task completion on a weekly basis.
Leslie B.
Yes, I write down todo list even it is the same. But this seldom happens since my todo list is very specific and detailed.
Anny F.
Honestly I just started to make a to do list I nvr had before in my entire life so this something new to me but I like it a lot so far! To answer your question no everyday I have somethings that I have to do every day but I added new things too 🥰