How do I keep from making the list impossible to get done in a day?

Kelya Z.
What I started doing was doing one thing on the list when I would get home from work. If you keep writing what you didn’t do on the next to do list, it should help move the needle.
Johan Z.
Only put down things that are priorities for that day. Don’t list things that are weighed with guilt. If it’s necessary to write them down I keep a separate go-to list (a hopper) that I can refer to the morning when I’m making my to-do list. Then I take on only the items that I can comfortably fit in.
Riccardo O.
I have two suggestions. First, decide the ONE thing you want to do today. You won't get to sleep if you do not complete it. It must be one, not two or three becouse you think that "just one is too easy". Second, it must be VERY SPECIFIC, like "study math for 45 minutes straight" or "running for 10 minutes" or "start baking the strawberry cake for Mary birthday at 5:00pm". Avoid tasks like "eat healty" or "be good to others" becouse they are too vague.
After you manage to follow these 2 rules, you can add more tasks to your list. Then I suggest to organize them by priority 🙂
Michaela U.
I actually dont know, I always do my to do list impossible and try to do it than make it possible. Because when it is possible My mind always thinks that I have time and I am gonna do it later and in the end I dont do it. And when I dont have a plan I cannot start a Day. I cannot even wake up. So I need to do an Impossible to Do list and I am living for the day when I am gonna meet the end of that.
Alison X.
Keep it simple to start with and increase it daily making sure your todo list contains one form of something you like doing like your hobby for me this is crochet dont overload your to do list with mindless tasks you know you cant achieve because you set yourself upto fail
Zach N.
I would try and make sure that I begin with a smaller schedule so naturally you’ll want to take on more goals as time progresses. Beginning trying to do everything is tiring and is going to make you want to stop from the start. Take some time and find a schedule that does not take all of your time.
Alex N.
Give yourself credit for the little things. Psychologically, it’ll boost your drive to tackle more intricate or time-consuming tasks over time.
Celina N.
I like to get up early so that helps me tackle my list. I always believe if you track something, it will get better. Just do your best. Everyday we have obstacles, just prioritize and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it all done. Tomorrow is a new day.
Sophia Y.
Focus on your top three priorities for the day. If you have extra time left over, you can do some of the tasks that were not your top priority.
Analise O.
Consider minimizing. When I first got the app I wanted to add in all of the needed tasks of the day. I realized that my patterns vary from day to day. This app promotes permanent change and habit making so each activity should be a commitment. Before committing contemplate each item and assess if it something attainable daily(harder then it sounds) think about why this habit is important to be part of your daily routines. Adding a bunch of habits simultaneously can decrease success rate so start small. Consider revising your routines often to promote success towards completing your golden triangle.
Ashley A.
Write down your schedule and make sure to account for things like lunch, breaks, free time, etc. and break things down hourly. Find pockets of time and try to accomplish the hardest things first to allow time for smaller things. Remind yourself that you only have so much time in the day and it’s okay to not complete everything.
Lauren T.
Prioritise! It’s unlikely that you’ll need to do EVERYTHING in one day. Can anything be done tomorrow instead? Instead of doing yoga everyday for example, can you do it every other day if there’s something else you want to fit into your routine too? Also, don’t feel bad if you don’t manage to do everything on your list.
Kat Y.
Give specific time limits to each task. Try to divide the tasks into smaller portions.
That's all I know, sorry…
Johanne W.
I am actually struggling to keep away from this pitfall because I tend to fill my day with many tasks (both for work and personal) that I always forget that there may be things that will also come up unexpectedly in the course of day and I will also need to attend to those intervening, urgent tasks. Then, at the end day, I become frustrated that I have not accomplished all that are in my list of to-do list.
I am trying to stick to the-rule-of-three principle.
Louisa S.
I make my daily list color coded with things I absolutely MUST get done in a day (red), and things that, if I could get done in a day that’s great but it’s not a must (yellow). That way, I know when I’ve completed all my MUST tasks and then if I knock out a few yellows I’m getting ahead!
Martin J.
I like that I rate my top three most important things on my to-do list. These are the things I get done first. If I can't finish something, I put it on the list for tomorrow and make it one of the top 3 priorities.
Jennifer N.
I have done this so many times!! I make it ridiculously packed with aggressive goals and then get discouraged almost immediately when its not going how I want it to! I assign reasonable times to things and assess if I’m being to aggressive by showing steps so instead of clean the kitchen table area from 5-6, I list (ie dishes in sink, mail cleared, wine glasses to cabinet, hang coats off chairs) and assign a time to each task even if its 15 min so that I can add it all up and say no an hour is not enough! and then i wont book another thing in at 6! that helps me anyway 🙂
Daddy O.
I look at what is most important to get done to prepare myself today for tomorrow. Usually I’ll go for the most tedious one first. Then I’ll celebrate that. The rest seems like a breeze. At the end of my tasks I reward myself with something I enjoy. If the tasks are too much I’ll split them up and time log it for the next day so I conserve energy and reduce anxiety and stress.
Nikolaus Y.
Don’t add too many things on your list, only add tasks or chores. If you have a lot of chores, write those down on another list. You should only focus on the tasks that you need to get accomplished that day. Such as: Running errands, homework, and other tasks that need to get accomplished that day. Generally if a list is filled with too many things, and extra things, it can actually lead to less productivity because you are not focusing on the main tasks and are focusing on everything. If you focus on the main tasks like cleaning (Personally I write down clean and organize) I think you will find your day to be much more productive.