How do you ensure effective prioritization of the to-do list? Circle or number the urgent items?

Brian N.
I follow the GTD principle of to do lists associated with a place or specific activity i.e. work vs home, billable time vs BD etc. My lists are quite short as a result and it is easier for me to concentrate at that moment on what i should be doing.
Nelli I.
Due dates is one way I prioritize. Pareto is another. Things that could hold up other people usually rise to the top out of sheer negative reinforcement because I dread the embarrassment of being the bottle neck more than anything. Money is unfortunately not effective even when the sum is large and or I really need it – still reflecting about that one. Sometimes I prioritize stuff by the doors to opportunity they open. That invariably adds to my list though sometimes it reveals opportunities that are more energizing than what s already on the list & somehow the crowding of stuff to do does motivate me to get some easy but boring chores I have been procrastinating on out of the way. It's as if it gets me to clean the terrain to really enjoy the better stuff without the nagging feeling of unfinished business. Finally, sometimes I premack stuff just to remove the "pain". It may jot be urgent or more important than anything but it's been a Thorne in my side for way too long. So I guess latency can be a candidate prioritizing strategy. Morale of the story, some of my more "important" stuff does not get done partly because I control the definition of what's important when I might be less than objective & I'm in avoidance mode. Those instances are harder to sel-controle.
Johnny Y.
Decide what much be accomplished today to make tomorrow successful. They write the top three things at the top of great list so I always look at that first.