How much detail do you include on your to-do list? Do you include absolutely EVERYTHING you need to do or just one off tasks?

Marleen C.
I just not down everything I have to do and slowly and gradually I keep on marking all that I am done and entering new tasks
Julie J.
I try to include everything and highlight no more than 3 most important tasks. Everything else can be put off for the next day if I run out of time.
Jonna N.
It’s detailed for the most part but I feel like I could make it more detailed to include every little task I have to do. I feel like this takes more time though when I could be spending that time doing the work
Ines N.
I think it depends on the nature of the task and on how much details can I remember by heart.
However the more detailed the to-do list, the more effective guide it can be during taking the actual action but again, consider the time that you spend on detailing the lists/tasks ahead if it's really that necessary. For some tasks I include more details, for other tasks one single word reminds me of what to do (work task vs. household task/shopping list).
Amalie X.
On my to do list I write everything down what needs to be done soon as well as in the near future as well as one needs to be accomplished to finish such tasks
Ly Yam Q.
I do sometimes put in detail that I KNOW I will forget but if it's stuff you think is irrelevant and/or know you won't forget once you see that to-do, then you don't necessarily need to put that there
Kendall N.
I like to keep mine short and sort of just imply the task ahead rather than thoroughly describing it. However, it is best to put every single task you can think of to do, even if it is unlikely that you will do it. Then, pick three tasks to prioritize. Make sure those get done, and you will still feel productive. Leave the rest of the tasks for tomorrow or another day.
Lina P.
My to do list has evolved into a beast over time. It has my three top priorities for the days, one off tasks, and everything I need to do in my life that I can possibly think of.
Chen K.
I keep it short. I spend maybe a minute writing the list everyday. As long as I have the big picture in mind, I can put the minute details together during the day
Stephanie N.
I have a master to do list that helps me remember everything that I think of, then a daily list of things to focus on that day.
Paul Y.
I write lists that are overly detailed and that aren’t ordered, so I end up completing the easy and minute details before the big important stuff, which leads me to have the big important stuff on my list for a very long time and that causes me anxiety. I’m working on ordering my lists a different way by grouping them, and working on one big thing a day and doing the little things during breaks, instead of just haphazardly trying to cross things off of my list
Holm H.
My daily to do list are things I expect to get done that day if I don’t procrastinate. Plus anything I have on the schedule that I might forget about outside of work.
Louis E.
I prefer writing the basics of what I need to do in the particular day.
For example, if I need to complete one pending answer I will just write, “Complete answer #1”

However, during this quarantine; I have been keeping the tasks on the low so as to not pressurise myself into doing it.

Nikolaj W.
I do not include absolutely everything. Just the main things I need/want to get done. Especially since this app can be a sort of to-do list for the small things like making my bed, brushing my teeth, etc. And I always include one fun task for the day just to make each day interesting!
Detlef U.
If I included EVERYTHING I have to get done on my list, I would never feel any sense of accomplishment. There's no way I could ever possibly get it all done in one day.
Rania Z.
Actually, I write down a big list in my notebook as a brain dump of everything I need to do then I separate them into categories like: studying, self care, life, learning, reading, etc. And in the end I sort out my top most priorities for the next day and they usually consist of 3 or 4 things to do which makes it easier. Also, I write my to-do list in the evening so I wake up the next day ready to do the work immediately and I don't have to think about it first because it was all sorted out.
Kara O.
It depends on the day for me. When I know I need to get a lot done the next few days I write everything I can think of and the stuff I don’t get to on the current day I put in the list to do the next day
Karl Heinrich M.
Honestly. I try to include any important details. My memory is terrible but once I have an idea, my creative juices. . .just. . .flow.
Dustin U.
In fact i write what and when and how much time it can take
It hepls me so much but i think it has some problm like i spend my time to silly thing and icann'i control my sefl
However i prefer to write like this
Jennifer N.
It depends, sometimes i have multiple lists lol! I make them detailed if I am finding it hard to get the job done so that it is in manageable steps. but if its like, do dishes, make dinner, stop at my Moms, etc, no detail, but a job like clean the bedroom, I put many steps and times to do everything. I also have a goal list like in May, I will tackle my basement and each week there is a goal so I look months ahead
Traci N.
My system is not the the correct Fabulous way because I haven’t gotten to the journey with “To Do” or “One Big Thing” yet. I also feel overwhelmed easily. I make my To Do list but name it “Easy To Do” then I make my “One Big Thing” list. I sort them … all of the easy on the to do and harder/anxiety/not sure how or where to start go on the one big thing. I sort one big thing by priority… realizing I may need to do more than 1 but try VERY hard to keep up so the two are separate. I also have found that I’m the one who makes a lot of the “things” immediately necessary… I have NEVER procrastinated… then one week I got behind and didn’t ask for extension or tell anyone… and “poof” the things that were SO important just … timed out and went away… took care of themselves… without me… the wheel continued… I wasn’t as important as I thought… I didn’t “get in trouble”. What a relief a feeling of freedom.”
Dev X.
Snappy list is better. Important to not overload and better to be realistic so you can have satisfaction on completing 🙂
Jane Q.
I create a 7 stepped ladder so that I achieve at least seven things in the day. I often add more detail as I go along, adjusting my plans and I may put an arrow by the side of something that isn’t possible today. So it means that it goes to tomorrow’s list!
Tara C.
All the things that you want to do, in brief. Some of these may not fit into the day, but still it keeps the mind in peace as all the important items have been noted down and the brain needn't worry.
Roibe Rd N.
I asked that same question before. Honestly, I put down everything onto the list including my daily habits of working out, reading… Makes it more satisfying when ticking them off throughout the day. I don't include every single thing like brushing teeth because those are already ingrained. But you can do that too, do what works for you!
Kate R.
It's better if you include everything, so this way you can have a better view of how many things you "think" you have to do, even if they seem useless. Taking this informations out of your head helps "clearing the room" to things that really matters and reduce your anxiety. Once you wrote everything, the next step is to prioritize and choose just a few of them. Do this everyday, the first list is the most difficult one, after that it will be just updates.
Antonina X.
You includewhatever you want. That’s up to you. I think it would much better to include everything you ant to do that day no matter how detailed it is. It will give you a clear view of what you have to do.
Suhail N.
Naturally I include almost everything, depends on how much i have to do that day. Just because it keeps me organized and my mind clear. On the days that i just write down the basic tasks, ill go back at the end of the day to add the details. Also i've seen this on youtube couple days ago and started doing it, so every night before bed you write down literally everything you've done during the day. Motivates you to do more.