What do you do when you don’t complete everything on your to do list? How do you not feel defeated?

Ruperto Q.
Sorry I don't have an answer for you. I often have a hard time completing my to do list and keeping ahead of things, and it causes me a lot of anxiety. If it helps you're not alone. Please share if you are able to come up with some positive ideas on how to deal with this.
Danielle I.
I try not to fixate on things that i don't get done. When i make my list and start completing each one I mark a star next to it instead of erasing it, that way I can physically see all the things that i DID get done that day and not just the one or two things that i didnt get around to. I also just then keep the incomplete ones on my list for the next day.
Elena O.
There is always a reason why you didnt complete smt. Even if it was bc u was feeling tired, it s okay, as long as it is true!
Adam Q.
I just move it forward and don't worry too much about it. I feel defeated if I don't complete at least the majority of my to dos.
Kerri F.
Its like the glass half full and half empty. Yes defeated but also better than nothing. I also put more on my to do list rather than have time left over. Maybe i should reconsider this.
Birgitta U.
I usually just feel defeated and frustrated. I tell myself I’m doing my best and try and be gentle but there are only so many times I can do that before I start to think I’m just making excuses for myself.

Everyday is a new day and I can press reset on the next 24 hours at any time but it is easier said than done.

Kate G.
If you at least completed something then you've done a good job. If you don't complete everything then it's more to do tomorrow but ask yourself if everything is actually realistically things you can do in a day.
Tristan T.
Review my to fo list was I too ambitious with the list
What got in the way of me completing my list
Add it tomorrow list
Cl Mentine Y.
I make a to do list everyday with the most important tasks that must be performed that day my top 3. This does not mean they are the hardest or easiest. Meaning it could be a report due that day, excersing, and going to the grocery store. The rest of my list are things that may be due tomorrow or not neccessary that day. Therefore I have a greater chance of completing my top three tasks and if I do other items on my list I am just getting ahead which feels very satisfying.
Jamerican D.
I do not feel defeated because I know there is another day and another opportunity to get the task(s) done. I only feel disappointed in myself if I did something like watch TV or scroll through social media instead of performing those tasks.
Kordula U.
You have to give yourself permission to be human and understand that some days you will not accomplish everything on your list for various reasons. That’s okay! You gave it your best shot! We can’t control everything in our lives that impact the way our day will progress but we can control our response. Simply take your remaining item(s) and move them to the next day. Make sure your list is realistic and stay focused when working on an item… and remember, life happens.
Veronika J.
My to-do list is aspirational – it's everything I would love to get done in a day, but I know that I probably won't. If you are the type of person who likes to clear the list every day, then make sure you can achieve your goals (to-do list). Start small and then add more as you get more into your routine. Like everything, building a routine doesn't happen overnight and takes time to establish. Just make sure that you are on track most of the time. I look back on my week and ask why I missed certain things to try and make my list more achievable next time!
G N.
Move it to the next day. I recognize that I'm not perfect. If I continue to miss my mark for multiple days, I make lists smaller.
Adam P.
I just know that there will be time to do it the next day, or if not, I’ll know how to plan better for next time. I don’t like to let mistakes of failures make me down or sad.
Felix P.
Maybe the to do list was too long or too ambitious for the day. So don’t worry- put another to do list tomorrow with those things you didn’t manage.
Maybe split the to-dos up in smaller to dos. Maybe they are too big just to add as one thing on your list
Rowan N.
I try to ensure my list isn’t unachievable but anything not done on a particular day goes to the top of the list for the next day
Marissa N.
By knowing that it is always better to create high quality work over the course of a few days or even weeks, then low quality work over one day.
Laly Q.
Firstly I had a long list of to dos . Then what I’ve done is taken the ones of now that I’ve not done . Just trying to put a realistic amount of things in that can fit in my day . Eventually when I can do all on list , I will substitute with a few new ones ! I am new to this so trial and error .
Jayden A.
I look at why I didn't complete everything and go from there. Did I not prepare enough? Did I not use my time wisely? Or was there some outside influence keeping me from finishing? Today, I didn't get everything done because my nephew, whom I take care of, is sick, but! I was still very productive and can give myself grace.
Rosie O.
If you think on your list as a guide more than a must do you won’t get upset if you don’t get everything done.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to complete it. And when you do celebrate your accomplishments. It’ll help you stick to your routine and habits.