What changes in yourself have you experienced since you started using Fabulous?

Joann B.
I've noticed that my self esteem has really shot up. I've struggled with anxiety and depression for a very long time, and started fabulous to help myself with better habits and hopefully feel better about myself. And it works! Even just making the bed in the morning and brushing my teeth at night makes me feel a little more confident. I'm hoping it will continue to help me reach a great potential.
Dale O.
My mind is decluttered, even though I already did most of the things in the first challenge, the feeling of accomplishment is much higher
Denise C.
I am LOT more consistent with my routines! I started to make my bed every morning,which I have never been doing.I dont forget to complete my tasks like I did before. I feel directed on my path. Thank you!
Celestine O.
I’m more relaxed because I feel like I’m moving closer to my goals each day… even though they may be tiny. I feel confident I can continue with each of my goals too and when I falter, it doesn’t seem a big deal to hop back on the bus…
Noah U.
I’m much more energetic and focussed and feel like I’ve armed myself with tools to fight procrastination and to find motivation. I’m not perfect everyday but I’m making an effort
Gary Z.
It has helped me create routines that I have been able to stick to for years. It also helped me stay physically fit. It's a great app!
Marilyn O.
My energy is more consistent since I started drinking more water. I also feel less stressed despite the fact I am still behind on my to-dos and goals. I know they will get done eventually and that I’m taking the small steps towards change.
Joyce P.
I feel more assured in myself. I burn less energy on thinking what to do next – the routines are a kind of a safety net. I am more optimistic, stable, have more energy, have started exercising, eat regularly… It's great.
Nanna C.
It has been a subtle ongoing reminder of what I Want even through moments where I’m not sure what I need. Suddenly it’s there with reminder and I know whats needed. I have some challng s l in life focusing on what matters – on the zoom-in vs zoom-out activity. The fabulous has been amazingly clear calm and gentle with staying on track for change