Do you use a to-do app such as Todoist or a notebook?

Brandy E.
For to-dos, i use both an app(s) and a notebook. Putting it on paper helps me truly focus on what i need to get done. And for apps i use Remember the Milk & Productive. I set time aside each morning to update, review, and revise each .
Augustin G.
I use a notebook for my to do list, I also use a notebook at work for work related tasks. I feel like writing it down makes me more aware of the things I have to do, and physically crossing them off also helps with a feeling of accomplishment
William C.
No I use a notebook to keep track of my tasks. I’d be interested in looking at something that would work in conjunction with Fabulous.
Tristan Z.
No I don’t I write it in my notebook I feel like it helps me focus better and it’s also easier to adjust and stuff so right before I start working I go over my list then I start
C Lia Y.
I bought myself a couple of really nice notebooks, for my Fabulous journal and to dos. Having attractive books and pens kind of makes the journey more special and encourages me to use them. Also, I like the act of writing by hand rather than typing. It feels quite meditative, and in a way more creative.
I'm also less likely to get sucked into other things on my phone or laptop!
Juanita T.
I started using google calendar in addition to actions by moleskin
But there’s nothing as good and effective as pen and paper in my opinion, the only problem woth that for me is that I already carry a million things for me and I’m not as good as keeping up woth pen and paper a few days later