How do you stay consistent on the weekend?

Walter W.
I surround myself with people I know want me best. And I also tell myself; “look you can do this, it is just small baby steps”. Important thing is not to beat yourself up when you miss one thing 😉 it always gets better 👊🏻 Power up
Gerfried Y.
I don’t have the same routines for the weekend that I have on the weekdays. The keystone habits of gratitude and being active are still there, but others are not. Consistency comes from performing a routine, but not the same routine, if that makes any sense.
Alan C.
I don't, always. But that's okay! I don't beat myself up about it. But I try to always do my core rituals, and the more I do them the more natural they become and it stops taking effort to do them every day. So yeah, some Saturdays I don't check off the last of my AM rituals until late afternoon 😂 But I'm still taking the time to do them. And if I don't do them I try to make it a conscious, mindful decision not to. Because some days you NEED a break from routine, even if your routines are healthy and beneficial.
Roger F.
I don't. I take breaks on the weekend to help me stay consistent in the long run. I think breaks are just as important.
Courtney Z.
I dont use concept of weekdays and weekends. There are just days. Therefore I don't have problem. Sunday is just the day I don't do shopping, and with Saturday are days when I don't have job meetings. Just it.