How do you prioritize your to do list tasks? And manage your time accordingly?

Hilda Y.
Write all of the tasks out in any order – just get them all down and then number them in order of importance and sense after. I write specific admin tasks in my outlook calendar, so they don’t get lost or forgotten about and I try to complete the specific tasks in outlook calendar in designated time slot. However, everything always takes twice as long as I thought it would – so I need to get in practice of allowing extra time for tasks. Although some think the task fits in whatever time slot you give it, so you shouldn’t do that (eg if you allocate 5 hours to a task which could be completed in an hour, it will end up taking 5 hours) – so jury is still out on that one.
Annette O.
So the list is always so long…. I divide it in the 3 parts in my morning afternoon and evening routine..with the help of fabulous. Keep housekeeping chores in the morning… professional tasks during the day and I workout and go to the market etc all in the evening… important thing to remember is that all work does not need to be done today. If I exceed my time of morning routine I don’t let the tasks spill over in my working hours… and by evening if not done by official work I don’t let it spill over in my evening time…evening is for workout family reading etc… I also know my limitations as much as my capabilities so I try not to push too hard everyday and keep an easy target! Hope this helped!
Lucas O.
They say do the hardest task first and it’s true. Also, there’s so much time “wasted” in our day spent doing subconscious habits that don’t bring value. Tip: log down what you’re doing every 30mina for the whole week. Then you’ll see so much wasted time that you can reclaim back.
Lance N.
Which has the biggest impact in my life, that’s what I will do first. If it almost equal, then I’ll do the easiest first.