How do you keep people from interrupting you during deep work?

Lara J.
I separate myself in another room from all people and play music relatively loudly to drown out any outside noise. I also make sure to put my phone on do not disturb and place it out of site
Caira G.
When I work I try to set up my mind hours prior especially if I have a lot of things to finish. So when work hours starts I’m well planned and ready and not easily distracted. Preparing yourself and listing to dos are great way to set motivation also.
Taya E.
Have a conversation with the other people on your household and share your plans for blocking off a particular time. You may have to adjust the time, but hopefully am agreement can be made. Sometimes it is impossible not to be interrupted – if you live in a busy household, try scheduling shorter Deep Work sessions multiple times a day if you know a 2 hour session would be interrupted.