How do you coordinate your to-do list in order to be more efficient?

Clifford N.
I try to build up a list of the: 2 important but quick things to do + the other 2 important things to do that are more time consuming (work and family related) + at least 30 min of physical exercise.
Desiree F.
I use the Eisenhower matrix from 7 habits of highly effective people! If something is important and urgent, it’s an A task and I’ll do that first. If it’s important but not urgent, I won’t get to it until I’ve finished all my A tasks. If it’s not important but urgent and I’ve done all my A and B tasks, then I can do those. Finally if it’s not important and not urgent then those are the very last things on my to do list and if they don’t get done today, it’s no big deal!
Waln Ria Z.
This is a work in progress for me. I am starting to group similar activities together so that I’m not jumping all over the place during the day.
Jerueza N.
I try to block time for tasks. Try to tackle the most unpleasant one first. I also try to group similar items together.