The past few days I’ve had the same couple of things on my to do list which don’t end up getting done. How do you handle it when you’re not able to complete everything on your list?

Katie O.
I just strive to do better the next day or even try to fit it in later in the day when things calm down a bit. Try changing the time of day in which you complete that goal or shorting the time. If you have yoga on your list for 30 mins. and you only have 10 minutes, then do the 10 minutes. Filling your body with 10 mins. of oxygen and deep breathing is better than none at all!
Leila O.
I usually motivate myself by promising myself a treat once I finish the task and think of the consequences of not completing the task(s). Whenever I think about how bad my situation would be if I didn’t complete a task, it motivates me to prevent that from happening.
Megan O.
My preference is to prioritize the most important tasks. I always have long to do lists that don’t always get done but I can see what’s most important to transfer over the next day. If I prioritize each day the three most important things, eventually things get done
Leonie O.
Make one of those things the first thing you'll finish tomorrow, make it the most important thing, and then do it. Remember, discipline is doing what needs to be done!
Margarete F.
Skrive det der er vigtigst først. Det jeg SKAL nå den dag. Dvs kun få punkter (oftest kedelige eller ubehagelige opgaver), der skal laves før de sjove.
Rosinalva F.
There you have chose, if those things are a priority for you, you have to put them first on your list; otherside if it isn't a priority you have to remove it
Miguel E.
It’s so frustrating when things have to be moved to the next day because they didn’t get done and becomes a bit soul destroying when it's the same jobs over several days.. when this happens, before making my new todo list I make a “done” list so I remember that I have accomplished things, then I prioritise my new list and try to make sure not to avoid jobs which necessitates them being repeated multiple times
Herm Nio T.
I’ve had this happen a couple times; there were two or three things on my list of seven or so that I really didn’t want to do, so I consistently put them off until everything else was finished, but no more time left in day for them. When that happens I either: 1) put those things first on my list, and don’t allow myself to do anything else until I’ve completed them or 2) choose one of those things and only plan to accomplish that one thing for the day. When I do the latter, at first it feels a little inefficient, but it actually does force you to bite the bullet and just do it.
Karla W.
It’s difficult to always check everything off our To-Do list; let’s face it, LIFE HAPPENS! Personally, I keep track of anything that comes up that may prevent me from getting to the other things on my list. I readjust my plans and add any “unplanned” tasks to my list so I have a real view of what I accomplished. Looking ahead at the next few days To Do’s, I look for time to be shift things around to ensure I’m able to complete the unfinished tasks. I also consider if there is anything on my list that can be delegated to someone else. In the end, it’s most important that we focus on what we DID accomplish, adjust, and recommit. Just keep swimming!
Helenice O.
There are many times when I have difficulty completing some tasks. These tasks tend to pile up and seeing them in your to-do list day in and day out can be demotivating. What I like to do is–pick out one day only for all those tasks, then plan on how and when to go about doing them the day before. This makes it easier to get them done.
Benjamin C.
Be realistic. Identify the block. Reassess. Block one Time: Is there too much on your to-do list for one day? Do you do the easy things and then run out of time? Do you need to spread out your tasks. Block two size: Or is it too big? (Time size ratio). Block three not specific. So you don’t actually know how to start. E.g Write essay. Get fit, learn piano. Where do you begin with that. Do you need to break down the goal into steps / tasks? Block four yourself. Do you believe you can do it? Lack confidence? Do you really want it or just the idea of it. Figure out the morivation. What is your reward when completed?