How can I manage good nutrition, exercise, and rest if I work 12-14 hours a day at the office? Since I cook for myself, I usually need 2 hours to cook each day. I also exercise for 2 hours a day. I sleep for 7 hours and travel for 2-3 hours each day to and from work. That’s 14 hours of stuff, which only leaves me with 10 hours for work. I have no time to socialize or anything else. How can I manage my time better?

Magdalene C.
Meal prep on weekends/cook in bulk for not only that day so you’re not cooking everyday. Try to find workouts that you can get in with just 30 minutes or at a maximum 1 hour. There definitely are workouts you can do that are effective, even with only a short period of time. Try to find exercises that work multiple muscles at once to cut down your workout time. Test different times of the day you can drive to and from work that have the least amount of traffic to cut down your drive time. One hour saved from driving can really help give you time for other things that day. Even if that means leaving earlier or getting home later. Maybe that could be the time you do your workout at a gym or even a park outdoors somewhere. Figure out what works best for you. You got this!

Gilberto N.
One thing is to re-evaluate how long you spend doing certain things. Long commutes can be extremely mentally unhealthy, and so are long days at work. However, while I would recommend considering a long term plan to decrease those, I understand the difficulty. You can also cut back on how long it takes you to cook and exercise.

An hour a day is a healthy amount, and half an hour or even fifteen minutes can be good. Plus you might be able to find activities you can do with other people, so your exercise and socializing combine: swimming, hiking, having a gym buddy, dance classes. At work, take short breaks to get some movement in, like 5 minute stretching, moving your legs, or having small weights by your desk and lifting them. If you’re a hard worker, your boss won’t care. Or go to the bathroom and do some squats in the stall. Moving like this will actually increase your productivity.

I like to plan for 2 hours for dinner when I can, but I can also easily cook and eat in about a half an hour. I do this by meal prepping and grocery shopping on Sunday, and having the right appliances to make things quick, such as an egg cooker. Mostly though, there are plenty of quick recipes. Make some bacon bits on Sunday, stick an avocado in the toaster oven, egg in the egg cooker, and I have a healthy breakfast in literally 5 minutes. Things like a parfait are quick and easy. Reuse left overs (like cooked chicken) in other dishes to cut down on cooking time.

Chester E.
Hi there! Its me here. A co-user of Fabulous. What helps me is to encorporate excercise and rest in my life at work. Walk to get water, also for collegues, more often. Dont take the elevator. Take stairs instead. Combine your break with a short stroll. Thats exercise and rest all in 1. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing. Park a block away to walk to work, in say 8 minutes. Or get out of the bus one stop earlier. As for nutrition. Im struggling with that too. Can you cook for multiple days? On a day you have more time. Like sunday or saturday?

Arlindo F.
For the next elections, you should support the candidate (s) advocating for the 36h day. 24h is definitely not enough, there is a growing consensus about it.

If unfortunately, one of those stupid pro-24h candidates is elected again, then: time to make choices in your life!

Anne W.
I think that it’s not necessary to excersise for two hours you want to take baby steps and you don’t want to stress your self out . I recommend making your workout time 30 minutes. You will stay very healthy. You don’t want to over work your self. If you limit that workout time you will be able to do more. But don’t mess with your sleeping time. Sleep is necessary to be able to power through a day. I recommend you till sleep for 7 hours. I also recommend that you take your time to do one thing at a time. Remember you’ve got a long time to work on things so if it takes you a while to accomplish throngs it’s okay.