How do you keep up your habits when on vacation?

Ademar E.
I haven't really tried yet. But good question! I suppose what it takes is some planning: pack clothes for workouts. Decide what I'm going to do and how.
Ester F.
Keeping up habits when on vacation is easy when you plan ahead. Beginning with the end in mind is imperative to remind yourself where you are heading, and building healthy habits will keep you on course.
Arthur N.
I would recommend pausing your non essential habits (like waking up early for example) and reducing your daily routine to the most important ones (like meditating daily or exercising)
Elgar Y.
First you have to plan everything out on your trip and think do I have time to do this during my vacation if not then you may have to rearrange some things on your vacation.Hope these tips will help you:)
Hunter P.
I struggle with this just like everyone else. I do my best to stay on track. When I let myself take “vacation” l loose my momentum and it is difficult to get back on track. What I do to stick to my habits is to do the routines when I am away from home. Sometimes it’s not possible to do the exact task, like feed my fish, so I do something that is similar. It is like a place holder for what I do normally. Even though I can’t do my routine exactly, I can still work towards the goals that they represent.
Rose Marie U.
Well I Bering the stuff in my daily routine, but only what I need, the stuff I can buy regularly I buy there and I wake up more earlier to do all these things, if I'm going out which I probably would.
But I don't go on vacation often so I would make a plan of the routine
Mathias P.
Don’t be afraid to say no! Remember to set healthy boundaries for yourself, whether you need 20 mins away from family and friends to meditate, or to tell yourself that piña colada bar will still be there tomorrow and you should get eight solid hours of sleep. Remember you’re doing all this for you! Your immediate desires should never trump your long term dreams.
Cecilie B.
I haven’t run into this yet, but I’m a week and a half I will!! My plan is to keep the eating and the exercising as “simple” as I can. What I mean is that I will not build a lot of specialized cooking or foods into my eating routine and I will not being specialized equipment or weather-dependent activities into my exercise. In this way, I increase the probability that I’ll be able to stay on track for my vacation. The last strategy is to treat myself like the human being that I am. If I fall off the wagon, I will forgive myself and then get right back on.
Milan S.
I select the most important foundation ones and just do those, not all of them. For example, I don’t engage in my productive workday habits because I don’t need them.
Gertrude Z.
I don’t 🙂 i think it is a nice thing to give yourself a break from your usual routine. You have vacation not only from work, but everyday life too.
Cl O Z.
I try to be more flexible with the order and timing of my habits and routines, doing my best to keep the core habits a daily practice. Anticipating how vacation plans might alter timing of a routine…balancing vacation vibes with my core habits.
Elly F.
Honestly? I don’t! Which makes me feel much better when I start them… like you give yourself a reward for being consistent. 🙂