How do you integrate the evenings plans adjustments into your daily list?

Enora C.
I try to integrate the evenings plans when I'm taking an evening break from work, where the break also becomes productive but breaks the monotony of the continuous work.
Astrid A.
I try to keep my evening routine simple. In order to do this I find I have to wake up early and exercise first thing in the morning, and this takes a lot of time and effort. However, since using Fab App, my morning habits and ritual have become more “effortless”. I still have to keep an open but “iron clad” mind. For example, if I am not able to accomplish my morning exercise habit and routine, or if I need to adjust my evening schedule for an additional activity, then I try to accomplish my main tasks for the day and then get back on track by the next morning.
Tina E.
One baby step at a time and I remember not to beat myself up about it, if I don't do it right. I know I'll get it with more practice.
Norah Z.
I don’t generally use my prioritized daily to do list for evening activities. I put evening activities in my calendar and adjust as necessary.
Nia Z.
I’ve already done so. I’ve decided to do eleptical excercise for 45 min and read simultaneously. Then every night read 20 min of poetry, 30 min of Persian history, learn 5 new vocabulary words, do 10 min clean up work.
Joerg O.
I reflect on my day. What did I accomplish? What did I leave undone? Why did I make those choices?

Afterwards, I recalibrate my schedule or habits, if need be.

Nanna N.
I set things that I usually do in the evening, but can be flexibly scheduled (ie things like tidying up, not showering etc) in my afternoon routine instead so I can do them earlier if possible, but still have a backup time if needed
Andreas W.
I use a bullet journal along with Fabulous, so I consider each unfinished to do and either migrate it to the next day or week, or reconsider whether it's worth completing as is. The year/month/week/day breakdown of my to do lists really helps me keep track of what I have to do and how it can be broken down into achievable parts.
Cecilie Z.
I mostly do the most important work after my morning routine and leave the easy work or work that takes very less time for evening so that when my plans changes it won't be a problem to make up for it