How to deal with laziness/ procrastination? Tips needed rn.

Maria U.
You will be lazy you feel tired but you just have to take one step at a time. if you move way to fast you will end up back at square one. So every day set yourself to do something small and be proud you made it!
C Cero N.
Give yourself a real break. If we feel like we have work to do, we often feel compelled to be working – even when we’re too tired to make progress. Take a day off, take a nap, come back to it later. To prove you can, think back to how you shirked your duties one time when you became sick, and the world didn’t end, even though you didn’t work. Take a break to be more productive when you’re working.
Eleut Rio G.
Take baby steps! Need to write a paper? Start with turning on your computer, then opening up a Word document, then drafting an outline. It’s those little things that help you build motivation.
August W.
Sometimes you need to be lazy. Life today people think it is okay to always be on the go. That is not good for your emotional and physical health.

Everyday have a few things that “must” be done. Try not to overwhelm yourself or you will achieve nothing due to procrastination.

Frederikke F.
Try using a timer on your phone to do a task. Start small and put your phone on airplane mode to remove distractions. Start with just 5 minutes and build over time. You'll build momentum over time.