Is “important” work (the work you list as your three most important tasks) the work you have to force yourself to do (like paying bills), a long-term project (like writing a book), or either one?

Clara B.
Importanz task is the one thing which brings you nearer to what is it you really want to archive. For example: I might have to pay a bill which I do, but for me personally is it important? NO! But fixing my relationship with my father and therefor calling him to make a date for dinner, this for me is more of essential importance. I hope this helps a bit.
Edna F.
I think important work are the big projects. That’s what will bring you the most fulfillment in life and requires small amounts of dedicated time to actually make progress on.
Patricia E.
I struggle with writing to do lists considering I feel I can remember it but end up forgetting anyway. Its also rough for me to remember to reflect In mornings because I think of the million things I have to do during the day. I also struggle with getting things done after work because Im mentally exhausted
Valentine Q.
Either one for me. And their priority changes on a day to day basis. If it’s the day before my rent is due, that becomes highest priority because a roof over my head gives me the support I need to do my other work. And other days, working on my long-term personal projects take precedence over other matters.
Marsha N.
"Important work" is the work you do that makes a difference in the world. It stems from your passion and leaves you feeling fulfilled when it's over.
Marjorie R.
It changes day to day. Important one day may be cooking a healthy dinner for my family and having one on one time with daughter. The next day, importance may be related to work, bills, etc.
Valdemar W.
I think it’s a mixture of both. It is on one hand stuff that has to be done and thus is a priority, on the other hand you might have your own personal priorities that you want to respect.
Mauren E.
Do both. Think of the 3 tasks as "if I complete these 3, then the day will be successful." If i absolutely have to do something, I put it on there. If I want to carve out time to read for an hour, I put that there too.