Do you think it is better to write the to do list the day before or in the morning of that day?

Graciela P.
I would suggest making a general outline of your highest priorities the night before and making a more specific list in the morning. By having a general outline, you have somewhere to start in the morning but you don’t have to go to bed dreading your ten tasks the next day. Then in the morning, that general outline helps you have a better starting point and feel better prepared to start your day. It makes it seem more manageable to decide in the morning rather than wake up to a long list of things.
Sergio P.
Day before I add a few days worth of things so what ever I have time for I get done and try to finish the list by the end of the week
Jucineide F.
I currently wrote it the morning of that day, but I think it might be better to write it the evening before. That way I'll go to sleep with a clear idea of what the next day will look like and what I will be doing, rather than it whirling around in my mind while try to sleep.
So from today I will change that from my morning routine to my evening routine. I'll place it to be done before dinner, while im still in 'action' mode, so I can eat and then relax for a while before I go to bed.
Ily S F.
I prefer to write it the night before so I’m not distracted in the evening trying to remember things. I feel free to be more spontaneous in my free time.
Cassandra A.
Yes but don't filled it right befire you wake up you should handle it later after drink some water do mediate, so you will have a cleared mind for it.
Edna Z.
I think I can get my day started faster and I feel more prepared if I make my to do list the day before… I can just jump right in.

Sometimes my top 3 feels better to chose that day though. Base it on my mood if you will.

Eduardo P.
Definitely the morning, as writing a list in the morning can wake you up by focusing and having to use your brain (little the task maybe). Your mind has fresh ideas and plans in the morning also, and you have a greater understanding of what you want to accomplish in the morning.
Eric P.
Better the day before. I alalways end up running short on time each day. Waking up with a to do list could help me be more time conscious and help me prioritize my major obligations.