I’ve been trying to do a list and letter them by importance. But is starting them at a certain time more effective?

Lohana S.
I think so. If I do my list after my morning workout I feel like my brain is more awake to figure out what to do with the rest of my day.
Noah X.
Yes. Create to do list, prioritize them, and use the timer for 25 mints on certain intervals to complete those important tasks.
Nina Z.
I've found that the best time for me to get my list written is the night before but I'm sure different times work best for different people
Patr Cia S.
I feel that putting specified start times can add stress to your day. You might lead yourself to rushing or feeling bad when you don’t get things done on time. I think about this for my own lists as well and often try to think about what really needs to get done that day and I try to do that first. It is also helpful for me to divide the day in two parts with lunch time in the middle. If I don’t do that I will often work past lunch and end up eating later in the afternoon which affects my dinner plans. Good luck, hope this helps. Remember The list is only meant to be a guide to help you stay organized, don’t let it be a cause of stress in your day.
Rouven Z.
Hmm… that’s a interesting idea… I don’t think I have heard or read about that yet… at least not in terms of a To Do List or Top 3 List and prioritizing the items- I have been lettering them and I have had some good results but I definitely still struggle day to day with accomplishing my top 3 list and my to do list.

In fact, I’m wonder if your idea about prioritizing your to do list by start time may be a good way Adjust and Re-Prioritize your day which I think is a skill in the Fabulous App that is suggested we all try learn during our Fabulous journeys.

So, I think it s a pretty good idea?!

Larry P.
Yes! A task will take as long as you give it. By assigning a certain amount of time to do a task, you almost always ensure it actually gets done in that time. Likewise, ordering by importance labels some tasks as unimportant, whereas giving every thing a time slot imbues it with importance.
Gail J.
Starting a task is the hardest part for me, followed by finishing a task. Sometimes, I'm not sure when the task is finished. Especially, open-ended tasks, large projects, or tasks that entail creativity. I believe setting a time limit on some tasks would be beneficial for me. I also believe setting a time in which to complete the task could be beneficial. I also think many small rewards for finished tasks, staggered throughout the day could help me finish more tasks or get motivated to start tasks.
Flora N.
Most effective would be to rank them by category and tgen deciding to do the tasks in a certain amount of time – depends on wgen the project is due or its importance to you