I am finding it helpful to use one of the Fabulous App Mental/Thought Exercises- specifically one of the evening deep rest meditation exercises to help me go to sleep. But it doesn’t always work because I still have my iPhone with me in bed or near me. In fact, sometimes I don’t do the nighttime deep rest meditation at all and then I get caught up in watching on demand TV or something. Does anyone use the Audible to listen to a book to fall asleep or read their Kindle on regular basis to read and fall asleep? Any suggestions on how to develop a good evening habit to meditate, read, and fall asleep?

Brennan U.
I feel your pain! I love listening to meditation audios but it’s so frustrating that it means needing to have your phone near bed. Do you have a tv in your bedroom? Honestly I’d move it out. I find preparing my sleep space earlier in the evening, and that in itself being a ritual really helping. Making sure my bed it’s nicely made and inviting, clearing my bedside table w water for the morning and book to read. A soft warm light helps a lot too. Blue light from tv inhibits sleeping. And just reading by a warm light tends to make me sleepy. I can meditate without an audio simply by placing my hands in different areas of my body and breathing into and connecting w them. Hope that helps! Turn your sleep routine into a sleep ritual 🙂
Al Xis Y.
I wouls suggest first turning off your tv and any other lighting. Minimize any noise levels. Place your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode. I've recently invested in a Google Home Mini. I simply ask it to play a deep sleep meditation or thunderstorm/rain sounds. It's been working well for me. A small bluetooth speaker may do the same job for you. Thay way your phone does not have to be in bed with you while your mediation plays.
Brennan C.
Ap detox is a really good tool to make sure you only use some apps at scheduled times. You can set it up to where mindfulness app works, and Netflix doesn't at whatever your bedtime is. Also, audiobooks are gooood. Also, calm is an app with sleep stories (they are like bedtime for adults) and they are reeaalllyyy good. If all else fails, libervox has audiobooks in the public domain . You can listen for free, and Immanuel Kant will put you right there sleep
Anna Maria E.
I struggle with this. I complete my routine then go to the couch with my husband where he watches TV and plays video games while I sleep
Nicholas P.
This is an amazing question! I have struggled with this my fair share. My recommendation is this, because it is the only thing that works for me personally. While guided meditation is very help and relaxing, I instead have developed the habit of putting on white noise like a fan, reading a book for half an hour with my phone put away, and then closing my eyes and guiding myself in a deep relaxing meditation. It might feel strange at first, but you remember the important parts and you can cultivate the same feeling in yourself unassisted. Give it a shot! If you try it and can't do it, I recommend an app/website blocker like Blocksite where you can block distracting websites at certain times of day. Keep the apps you need for your nighttime routine and block the rest. I hope that helps and good luck in your journey 🙂
Gregory Q.
Maybe try working out before bed not even working out just a bit of running to get ur heart pumping u will sleep like a baby
Ka S E.
I dont have a TV in my room so I do not watch it and be like one more show. I personally need to work on getting off my phone too. What I want to do is gather all of my stuff before bed, do the meditation, then read. This way i am off my phone before I fall asleep.
El Na Z.
I’ve had to develop the habit of putting my phone away from me when I go to bed. The last step of my evening routine is ‘Read’, so I actually check that off right *before* I turn off my phone and then take my Kindle to bed with me.