How do you structure your to-do list? By priority, categories, or something else?

Zo Y.
Two to do lists. 1st overall goals & tasks reviewed monthly. 2nd daily to-do, simple list (goal link in brackets sometimes or “admin”); just write as I remember them and then number them. Review at the end of the day, reflect on why something might not have happened (one task took longer, or I got distracted by x; or a new task popped in… etc).
Sebastian A.
I split my To do list into 2 categories: work and home. Because I work from home, I have to be sure my time management is in point or I can miss something. I make sure I alternate my tasks, completing one Work task then one Home task, and so on. Hope that helps!
Mathias S.
I usually first do something that is not too difficult and very straightforward. So I can just get started on something and get it done quickly, so I feel like I am successful and getting things done. After that I like to work on the harder tasks that require time and effort and are usually more important. These tasks usually don’t have a clear due date or are due a long time and aren’t super straightforward (work as much as you think is needed). Lastly, when I’m more tired I like to review or get ready for tests before sleep. To both relax a little and feel prepared for the next day.
Max Z.
By priorities. Work out my most important tasks and do those first. After each task assess the new tasks/asks that have come into my work and ask myself if they are more important than what I was doing. If not, carry on with the list and prioritise the new stuff later
Undine O.
I start with those urgent & important chores with a time deadline. Then I push back the due date by a day or two to give myself a cushion of time, in case things take longer or I encounter unexpected obstacles.

After those top priority items, I list everything that needs to be done. Each day, I either pull a mix of chores to match my changing energy or I batch similar chores and work on them in a bigger block of time.
Make sure your top priorities get most of your energy & time.

Alison E.
I structure my todo in my 4 goals in life :
My ressources : body, mental, finances, health
Pleasure: art, music…
Links : friends, family, boyfriend, myself, humanity
Impact : my work as a coach..
then I circle what’s essentiel for me on the D day
Erdogan U.
Randomly what’s on my mind or carried over. Then I try to get the quick wins completed first and delegate the others as applicable.
Russell W.
I dont write itin details because more item would freak me out. So, i write it in general and prioritize the items according to deadline
August F.
I use the app Wunderlist to make lists of things I need to do about out in the future and then I sort them by categories like “this week” or “sometime this month” and I have one for my flatshare too. Then you can star the tasks that are the most important. I make a daily to do list by hand which is sorted chronologically
Elya I.
I have to do lists and I just write everything I know I need to get done (brain dump!) and I finish everything that I have written down.